Life is Strange: True Colors – How to Help the Birdwatcher

A simple guide on how to help the Birdwatcher in Chapter 2 to get the achievement “Bird Spotting”.

Step by Step Guide: Bird Spotting Achievement

Whenever you leave the “Black Lantern”, head straight to the park. At the entrance of the park you will find a women that is using her binocular to find a bird.

  1. Use your power and get insight of her emotions
  2. Talk to her & she will tell you about the rare bird she is looking for
  3. Leave the park and head towards the flower shop
  4. After passing the Sheriff you will see two people at the entrance of an alley
  5. Head into the alley and walk until you pass Riley who is sitting on the bank
  6. Turn right at the end and you will hear a bird making some noises
  7. Continue until you reach a tent that should pop up on your right
  8. Move your camera to the left and you will see a tree
  9. The bird you’re looking for is on a branch on the upper right side of the tree
  10. Interact with it & start heading back to the birdwatcher in the park
  11. Tell her about the bird and she will be grateful

After telling her where the bird is, the achievement “Bird Spotting” should pop up.


This achievement is completely miss-able – it doesn’t require anything and can be done while exploring the town & while talking to key characters in Chapter 2.

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