Last Epoch – Starting Builds

Some very decent builds ideas if you are looking for some.

Some Ideas to Get Started or Start Over Again

Bleed Flurry Blade Dancer:

Easy to start with if you like to Facetank basically everything. Lacks on clear speed at some point. Bosses are dead almost instantly.

Advanced Paladin Multistrike Smiter:

A bit harder to get the right equip. As soon as you have the equip its disgustingly strong. The clear speed is insane. You are able to run through the map with Lunge very quickly as well.

Frenzied Frostbite Swarmblade:

As soon as you get the unique’s its easy to go through the content as you literally leech you through it. Most important next to Leech is Attackspeed. Keep it up and you are good to go. Very nice to play with you like moving fast. (especially luxury version feels awesome).

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