Kynseed – Useful General Tips, Midgame+

A small list of useful information from my experiences that may benefit you in your playthrough.


These are some tips that I wish I had known in my playthrough, that I don’t think are obvious. Please correct me if I’m wrong, and feel free to share your tips as well. I will add more things if I come by them.

Beware spoilers!

Hope everyone is enjoying this game as much as I am.

General Tips

  • If an item is out of your reach, you can use your fishing rod to reel it back to you. This commonly happens when digging treasure near ledges. You can also do this after tasks where you are asked to throw something in the water.
  • Pressing Lctrl adds useful text for things around the world like crop statuses, insects, npc names.
  • There are two levels to fogginess. For items that require “strange mists” as a quality condition, it seems to require the second tier of fogginess where more of your screen is obscured. In Tir Na Nog, this shows up as weird rainbow mists.
  • Passing the year will not retain your goddess boons/curses because of year tax, so don’t bother offering on Winter 14.
  • Passing the year will refresh Mr. Fairweathers’ selection of items.
  • Barbels can be caught in Mellowfields rivers at dusk. I personally camped outside the Circle for a dozen nights for the skill requirement.
  • Feel free to blow up and smack npc owned animals for pork chops and drumsticks. They come back eventually.
  • Perk points seem to be shared between businesses. If you buy more than one store, you can funnel all the perks into one business if you want.
  • The same type of business shares learned perks. Buying a second general store keeps shares the perks of your first, but not reputation and rank.
  • In the general store, your worker will stock empty pedestals from the container shelf in the top left corner.
  • Practice making pies! You can get it down to a +3* minigame quality if you perfect consistency, which isn’t too hard relative to the other games in my opinion. That’s huge- you can use 2-3 star materials and get a five star pie.


  • Certain friendship three heart quests have the same task, so it’s more convenient to collect the quests and complete them at the same time.
    • Rock Salt (Poppyhill) and Mo Lawn (Freyl’s Fields) both ask you to buy a business. Rock Salt gives you 750 brass for this.
    • In the Vale, both Ignatius Kettle and Holly Kettle will ask you to upset the Teapotts.
    • Both Edward Teapott and Edna Teapott will ask you to upset the Kettles.
    • Both Edward Wood and Papa Russ Ebers will ask you to slay a night hag.
  • For personal chests (the golden ones), some people give you their code on three heart quest completion. For most, they have a chance of giving you a single digit of their code when you gift them past their three hearts. You can save scum for this and reroll gifting them if you wish.
  • Due to the nature of daily reset, it seems you can benefit twice from their birthday gift bonus friendship if you gift them before 6am, then again after 6 am on the same day. Not sure if this is intended.


  • Rock Salt gives you 750 brass to buy a business for his three heart friendship task.
  • The heirloom chest in Gilthearth contains 1000 brass.
  • It seems like tasks for fae items give the most brass. Walking around every village and checking people’s tasks is a good way to earn some brass.
  • The witch hunter gives brass for combat related tasks. Talk to him on the stage in the tavern at night
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