Kingsblade – Tips and Tricks to Not Get Hit (with Deathless Walkthrough)

Tips and Tricks

You can do a lot of different things to avoid damage.

I’d say one of the most important things is to be very patient and not be rushing to kill every enemy you see. It is often much easier if you allow enemies to come to you and get within your striking range.

This is especially true for rats. For the Sword throwing guys just try your best to always stay behind them when attacking if possible, attack them away from walls so they don’t just suddenly turn around and hit you.

Often times what you might be able to do is distance yourself from an encounter with an enemy or two by just standing by the ledge that they turn around at while going back and forth and just staying below and attacking.

I utilized this several times within my video, such as when I had a very close encounter with a rat and it forced me into jumping away sitting by the ledge and then attacking the rat when it got near.

Full Deathless Walkthrough

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