Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Nest of Vipers Solo + Sniper Achievement

A special spot will help you gain some bow’s XP, get Sniper achievement and items for your equipment or sale.

Extra Information

  • I played on normal difficulty;
  • This spot won’t work in Baptism of Fire quest, and immediately all enemies will appear in their ⠀ camp. As I understand from one article, they won’t respawn after the quest;
  • Action takes place in Pribyslavitz;
  • There are about 30 bandits;
  • Check your statistics of headshots in Player tab;
  • You can sabotage everything for the quest after clearing the camp.

Step-by-Step Explanation

Keep in mind these guys respawn in 10 days.

  • 1) I had 4 marigold decoctions (for my health) and 6 bandages to prevent bleeding. Don’t forget⠀arrows and food, maybe saviour schnapps to save the game. You can also take some useful stuff from enemies;
  • 2) The best time of day is the morning or afternoon;
  • 3) Run to a log on the left and jump on it. If you failed and got stuck, then jump out. In case somebody managed to appear on it, just jump off this spot;
  • 4) Only archers are a threat. They miss when you move from side to side. First, come closer to an edge of a roof and aim at the bandits who don’t shoot.

Some of them can run around you and stand here, so it’s better to go back to the log.

  • 5) Now leave it and move from left to right and so on while the archer is aiming at you. After his released arrow, run to him and try to headshot when he is preparing for one more attempt.
  • 6) Heal yourself and eat if you need. You cannot do this during a fight;
  • 7) Lure other enemies;
  • 8) Check out both bridges and tents. The camp should be empty;
  • 9) Save your game by sleeping in one of them right here; thus, you won’t lose your progress if something happens next;
  • 10) Sell or leave the items in your chest.

Waiting for 10 Days

You have two options:

  1. Skip every day by yourself, pressing T;
  2. Go to jail and 10 days are skipped by the game, but then you have a temporary debuff of your strength (he could carry 106 pounds instead of 118), agility and vitality.

I prefer the second one because you can take a break from the game for 2 minutes 48 seconds.

Hit a guard to become a prisoner. Remember that he confiscates stolen goods. Released Henry needs to eat and sleep.

To Sum Up

Two visits to Pribyslavitz should be enough to get Sniper trophy. Archery is hard, but the method described above will help you simplify the tasks in this location. The main thing you need is not your accuracy here, but patience.

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