Killing Floor 2 – Extra Damage Trick

Here is one trick for every class who has some extra dosh to make boss wave easyer or any other wave.

Trick for Extra Damage

When shop opens here is what you have to do:

  1. Drop your weapon if you can’t carry Sentinel (3Kg needed).
  2. Buy Sentinel 500 dosh.
  3. Use 1 Sentinel.
  4. Drop your Sentinel OR sell it. It sells for 325 (If I remember correctly). So it only costs 175.
  5. Pick up your own weapon and you are ready to go!

Basically free turret. Extra fire power!

Some notes or good info to know about Sentinel

For Sentinel haters

Well positioned Sentinel will not backstab or make Scregs or Pounders mad at the wrong time.

  • If you drop a Sentinel after using it and somebody uses your Sentinel. Then it’s gonna explode yours. So dropping Sentinel isn’t that good idea.
  • If you use Sentinel where boss spawns. It can do damage while boss has it’s spawning video (When there was Sentinel bugg I killed boss without the video ending).
  • Sentinel explosion does too little damage to boss. So using a new turret is better idea rather than mid maxing it’s value with the explosion.
  • If you use Sentinel and shoot big zed or boss (or any other zed). Commando will get 50% of the XP. Meaning that your class right now will get 50% and commando gets other 50% if the turret shot the zed. But if only turret shot it and somebody else kills it. It gets full value.
  • Sentinel is really good way to level Commando up without playing him. I got him 0 to 25 level, tier 3 to 4 with only using Sentinel with other classes.
  • Sentinel explosion is mostly for stagger and not damage (Staggers: Scregs/every other smaller zed but doesn’t stagger raged pounders or non raged one. It always doesn’t stagger.).
  • Sentinel counters E.D.A.R’s really well. So if you hate E.D.A.R’s buy Sentinel. It sucks vs bloats and armoured duuds.
  • There is a bug where Sentinel explosion can do damage to you. So you can kill yourself with the explosion 100 to 0 instantly or just chunks you. I still don’t know how (Same goes to Gunslinger grene. I know it does damage to you but I had 2-3 times where it 100 to 0 me even with armour). I tried to replicate both of these cases multiple times but always failed. Now you know.
  • Sentinel is good on almost every class. It worked for Support, Berserker, Surivalist. Failed with Sharpshooter and Demolition. Because it’s hard to get 3Kg on them. But it all depends what guns you use.
  • Don’t know what to do with 3 Kg? Buy Sentinel. Sentinel is extra firepower. It literally increases your Damage per second and covers your back (But dropping Sentinel is the biggest problem. It takes time. So you might even do less damage if you drop your Sentinel at the wrong time).

Small other tip

I don’t know if people are doing it but here it is.

Medic pistol

  • 500 dosh free upgrade without weight gain = More heals!
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