Junkyard Fury 2 – Beginner’s Guide

This guide shows the basics of the game and what to do to help progress through the game.

Beginner’s Guide

How the instances work

The instance will turn on and try to run you down on sight. Most instances try to kill you, the only one in the game that is friendly is in the secret level. Most instances don’t spawn until the ones that play music (CA1, Lancer, etc.) show up. Use this to your advantage!

The best car to use throughout the game (in my opinion) and the tuning upgrade

The best drivable car (in my opinion) is the Caprice (the starter car of IA4), due to its mix of speed, handling, and fuel efficiency. Unlike the Challenger, it won’t spin out that easily and doesn’t chug gas like it’s nothing, and unlike the Polara, it is nimble. The Caprice will be present in the 5 main levels. You can make it better by getting the tuning upgrade and tuning it, will increase speed and acceleration, which helps with evading instances greatly!

When you hear music/ what to do when you are spotted

Hide in a building immediately! That music means that an instance is going to appear, you need to get into a building, before you hear an engine sound. The instance will usually spawn behind you, so make sure that you are looking at an exit, so when it spawns, it will not see you leave (you may wanna save your points to get the Enemy Detection upgrade, so you know where it is when it pops up). If it sees you before you make it into a building, ignore what I said about hiding! Get into a car, and get the f**k outta there before you get turned into a smoothie! Most likely, the instance will be faster than you, but can be lured into smashing into something, making for an easy getaway.

Perfecting levels made easy

As the loading screen tip says, instances get more mad when you turn on SETs, combine this with the “high” energy amplifier, and you will discover instances faster, thus contributing to the perfection of the level.

Getting items

Looting is everything, because you need to find toolboxes and fuse boxes to turn on SETs (get the Equipment Training upgrades which will DOUBLE the crowbars, toolboxes, and fuse boxes found), along with gas and car batteries, plus some comically large batteries for your flashlight. All this can be found in every building. When you are done, put the stuff into storage (preferably, the trunk of your car, so you have them when needed), so you don’t lose everything when you die.

Research points

Research points are used to buy upgrades, which can be used to purchase upgrades. They can be gained by progressing through a level, and how long you were in the level. USE YOUR RESEARCH POINTS WISELY!!! You may need them for an upgrade that you need, but can’t afford, because you blown it all on something that was not important at the time, like my ex did when I gave her money for groceries.


There are 5 tapes to be found throughout the game, which can be found in storages throughout the levels. Only one tape is found per level, and thanks to DHood lowering the static volumes for them, it’s now easier to know what they are saying (Big thanks for that DHood).

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