Jewel Match Winter Wonderland 2 – Achievement Guide with Tricks (Collector’s Edition)

How to get all achievements and a few tricks which aren’t in the in-game help.

How to Obtain All Achievements


Match Winner, Super Match Winner, Mega Match Winner: as long as you don’t break the sequence of making the amount of bigger matches required, you’ll get the trophy. I do it all in one room just in case using a scroll arrow “breaks” the sequence.

Stylish Jack: This is ridiculously easy to get. Even if you hate custom cursors, all you have to do is turn on the custom cursor in the game options and even if you turn it right back off afterwards, you’ll still get the achievement.

Sisyphus’ Apprentice: If going back and replaying a previously completed level in the map doesn’t work, just press the Replay button in the end level dialog when you’ve finished a level, and replay the level from there.

Star Striker and Star Gazer: Stars are only obtainable in the optional M3 puzzle levels featured in both maps. Play in relaxed mode if the moves counter is an issue.

Gem Miner and Master Gem Miner: Play long enough. Only the regular M3 levels count for these.

Decorator: Get one of the scenes or a room to 100% completion. This is much easier to do with a room instead of the village scenes. You have to buy all the optional parts available with stars you’ve collected from the optional puzzle levels. The required parts cost a certain number of gems from the chest and usually some amulets, both of which are obtained from playing the regular M3 levels.

Hammer and Shopper: Self-explanatory.

Perfectionist Decorator: Use a mode which isn’t limited moves. Play the tutorial levels sometime before finishing level 120. All the gems and amulets in the tutorial levels count towards your amassed inventory stash, so playing all of the tutorials will give you a big jump on getting the first village and all the room scenes finished early.

Bonus Track and Bonus Habit: For some reason, playing the clutter game doesn’t count towards these achievements. Only the jigsaw puzzle, spot the difference, and regular HOS count. In the SE bonus games, the minigame in the middle is incorrectly labeled a “clutter” game, but is a HOS. There is another HOS in the CE extras also mislabeled as a “clutter” game.

Thrifty and Treasurer: These are mostly a “play long enough” thing. I can’t remember if you have to actually have the 10K or 30K showing up as your total gold coin amount, or if it is simply a cumulative amount of coins amassed over time, where shop purchases don’t set you back on these achievements. Going for a “perfect” on every level will get you these achievements much faster.

Examiner: When you have finished either a village or a room scene, go to the Wallpapers section and scroll to the wallpaper of either the village or room – it will be blank like how your scene started out – and start constructing the scene again in the wallpapers. You don’t need to set the image as a wallpaper; so long as you start building the scene again in the wallpapers area the achievement will unlock.

Ultimate Decorator: As with Perfectionist Decorator, this is easier done on a play mode which isn’t limited moves. I’ve noticed it’s tough to earn enough gems in the harder versions of timed mode even, so replay some levels if you need more gems. Otherwise, it’s a “play long enough” award for doing all the levels in the CE map.

Pearl Diver and Pearl Fisher: These are easier to get now, as it looks like the extra pearls you get from freeing the balloons now count towards the number of pearls needed for these achievements.

Perfectionist and Accomplished Perfectionist: Make sure you have a gold trophy showing up on all the level buttons of the regular M3 levels in the maps. There was a glitch which seems fixed now where sometimes the trophy wouldn’t appear on some of the level buttons even if you’d gotten a “perfect” in the end level dialog. If the gold trophy isn’t on all the level buttons, the achievements won’t unlock. To get the Accomplished Perfectionist trophy to unlock, go back to the CE map after the credits scene plays.

Speedy Gonzales: Play in timed mode. I’ve since found that insane difficulty can’t be done sans extra hammers or powerups – even the developer doesn’t think you can finish the game on insane without some additional help – but with the larger hammers and the small bomb, small fireball, and small chain lightning spells, I got this achievement rather easily.

Quick Click, Keen Eye, and Supersonic Mouse: This isn’t just a speed matching contest in my experience, but you also have to make all the matches without missing a move (i.e. you can’t drag on two pieces that don’t produce a match; an “invalid” move such as this breaks the sequence). Don’t click on coins, mana bottles, arrows or anything else either. And I think you have to play in timed mode. Disabling the magic arrows in the game options helps. Try for these on either room 2 or room 3 of level 2. The first 2 achievements are relatively doable for fast players, but Supersonic Mouse is still pretty hard to get. I count out the matches while cranking away and picking out matches in whatever area of a room isn’t refilling and restart immediately if I break the sequence by accident.

Other Tricks

  • Magic arrows now break a red wall when they hit one. You still get the random fireworks though! This is a handy tip for getting pesky amulets or coin bags out of red walled areas since you can now blow holes in the walls to let things out easier.
  • If you disable Magic Arrows in the game options, you will still get arrows at random for matching the clovers or gift boxes.
  • The need to use fishnet pieces to move required items about was largely taken out of this game, but it’s still a useful trick to know as swapping things like keys or amulets with a netted piece can move the target item a lot faster than doing regular matches. Note that the toy train piece will not automatically exit the room if you use the fishnet pieces to move the train to a wall; you’ll need to make a match somewhere else and then the train will leave if it is up against a wall. I reported this as a glitch, so it may get fixed.
  • If you can’t get something to move or drop out, hit it with the large hammer.
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