Jagged Alliance 3 – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for New Players

If you have a high-powered rifle and 2 enemies close together, line up your merc and shot through the 1st enemy, usually gives you hits on both enemies.

If the enemy has Overwatch active you can make him waste his shots by parading a merc around at the far end of his cone.

Don’t immediately get the Gold AIM upgrade for 20K, you can always buy it later at any moment.

Kill off Hyenas and badly wounded enemies with Handguns to conserve your premium ammo.

Conserve your early game Diamonds til you get to the Flea Market dealer.

Longer contracts save you money. Try to get a 14 day contract if you can afford it.

Open the inventory when in a tile and you can leave items on that tile (while in world map view) to get later.

Also, as long as you looted something, even if you don’t pick it up, it will show up on the sector inventory to take with you later.

The + and – buttons at the right on of your keyboard increase and decrease time respectively. Just in case you tap them and wonder why everyone is moving super fast or super slow.

You can run 6 mercs from the beginning, I recommend it honestly, but don’t have them all 6 doing the same thing. You can have 2 of them repairing/training militia while the other 4 clear the island, then bring all 6 back together for some of the tougher encounters on the mainland.

You just can’t have all 6 waiting around for militia to train and the such. Only take as many mercs as you need to clear an encounter and have the others off doing other things.

Can even leave one merc to train another or heal another while the other 4 go and clear.

Right now I have an IMP with high explosives/leadership who trains other mercs in explosives, clears minefields, and trains militia while helping scout with another merc I hired so the main force can go and clear the objectives around strongholds. Makes the game much easier that way.

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