Jack the Nipper – Full Walkthrough

Slightly detailed walktrhough on how to bet the game (get 100% naughtyometer).

Always be aware that if you are doing something naughty, a grown up will follow you to spank you unless you leave the room and re-enter.


Get the pea shooter

  • Get the pea shooter in the starting room
  • Then shoot 12 people 1 time or 1 person 12 times
  • Get out of the house then drop the pea shooter on the ground

Get the teddy bears

  • Get both teddy bears in the toy shop
  • Drop them from the counter to destroy them

Pick up the china

  • Go to the china shop and pick up the two plates and drop them off the shelf

Pick up the battery

  • Pick up the battery in the police station

Pick up the weight

  • Go to the jail and pick up the weight

Stand in front of the mirror at Just Micro

  • Go to Just Micro and stand in front of the mirror
  • Then get out and back in again to escape the owner
  • Then jump on top of the counter and drop the battery

Go to Hummo Socks

  • Pick up the dropped pea shooter
  • Go to Hummo Socks and jump on the conveyor belt

Go to I. Bloom

  • Go to I. Bloom and drop the weight from the counter
  • Get out to pacify the owner and re-enter to pick up the flower killer (the one on the right)

Go to the gardens

  • Go to the gardens, shoot the aggressive ghost coming at you
  • Go to the flower fields
  • Drop the flower killer
  • Go back to the graveyard
  • Shoot the ghost again
  • Pick up the fertilizer (behind the stationary ghost)
  • Go back to the flower fields
  • Drop the fertilizer
  • Exit to pacify and re-enter
  • Pick up the fertilizer
  • Drop the pea shooter
  • Pick up the flower killer

Go to the bank

  • Drop the fertilizer and the weed poison from the counter
  • Go back and pick up the pea shooter
  • Then on your way back to the bank pick up the key
  • Drop the pea shooter in front of the bank
  • Drop the key inside the bank
  • Enter the secret passage on the right

Go through the secret passage

  • Go through the secret passage
  • Pick up the soap powder
  • Exit the secret passage on the top
  • Pick up the credit card

Go to the laundrette

  • Go to the right of the washing machines, let the owner go further right of you and then pass in front of the machines, turning them on while you pass
  • Exit and re-enter
  • Drop the soap powder from the left washing machine
  • Exit re-enter and pick up the glue

Enter Gummo’s Chomping Molars

  • Jump on the conveyor belt
  • Exit re-enter
  • Drop the glue from the table on the left

Jump in front of the ATM in front of the bank

  • Jump in the middle of the atm to jam it
  • Enter to the left to escape the policeman and return
  • Enter the bank
  • Pick up the key
  • Drop the credit card from the counter
  • Exit Re-enter
  • Pick up the floppy (this is surprisingly hard best to position yourself in front of the passage at the wall and slowly move towards the disk to avoid entering the passage)
  • Exit through the main door
  • Drop the floppy and pick up the pea shooter

Go to the museum

  • Go to the museum
  • In the left room drop the key
  • Enter the secret passage
  • Make your way through the passage
  • You will drop on a plant that bites you, move down the fire place as fast as you can
  • Through the door
  • Left
  • Shoot the ghost coming after you
  • Left
  • Shoot the ghost coming after you
  • Pick up the bomb (be fast the fire place is hot)
  • Drop the bomb in front of the launderette, keep on shooting the ghosts that come after you
  • If it’s not in your slot 1, drop the pea shooter and pick it up in slot 1
  • Go back to the museum
  • Pick up the key and drop it again
  • Go through the secret passage again
  • Pick up the horn in the room next door
  • Go back in front of the launderette drop the pea shooter and pick up the bomb

Go to the police station

  • Enter the police station
  • Go to the cells and drop the bomb
  • Go back and honk the horn close to the cat (fire and direction key, as if you were shooting)

Pick up the floppy

  • Pick up the floppy disk in front of the polics station
  • Enter the house in the garden two screens right of the police station
  • Honk next to the cat
  • Exit and drop both items
  • Go to the kitchen
  • Pick up both pieces of china
  • Go back to the cat room and drop both pieces of china from the chair

Go to Technology Research

  • Jump to the terminal on the right
  • Exit and re-enter
  • drop the floppy from the terminal desk

Go to the playskool

  • Enter the backroom
  • Pick up the clay
  • Honk the horn at the cat
  • Go to Gummo’s Chumping Molars
  • Drop the horn from the terminal desk
  • Go back to the playskool
  • Drop the clay from the sofa
  • Pick up the potty in the next room
  • Pick up the pea shooter in front ogf the Launderette
  • Enter the China Shoppe
  • Drop the potty

Congratulations, you are in trouble now!

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