Iron Fisticle – 100% Achievement Guide

An detailed guide to help you in your quest to complete this game’s 31 achievements without trouble.

Progress Achievements

Well Done You
Complete the first room

This one is the easiest achievement to do, just complete a room normally and you shall get the achievement.

Wooden Fisticle
Complete the first floor

To complete the first floor you need to reach the first boss, that is a big boulder with one eye that has little boulders around it protecting it from damage, just destroy the tiny boulders and dash to evade his projectiles, after destroy his defense, shoot at him until he is defeated, after that, just go to the next floor.

Stone Fisticle
Complete the second floor

The second floor’s boss is a big ball with lots of eyes, and 5 tentacles with one eye each, to defeat the boss just wait for the tentacle eyes to open and shoot them, watch out for little eyes that the boss spawn and for projectiles that the eyes shoot, if you need cover there’s some pillars on the boss room so don’t worry too much. After destroying the eyes, the boss will now start attacking you and spawning more eyes, just attack him after he shoots his projectiles, rinse and repeat, after his defeat, proceed to the next floor.

Bronze Fisticle
Complete the third floor

The third floor’s boss is the monster from the intro, he is invulnerable when he is flying, so wait he get to the ground to attack him, but watch out because he attacks on the ground too. He spawns two bats when flying but they aren’t too much of a problem. Three bosses down, a last one to go.

Iron Fisticle
Complete the game

You are finally at the last floor… or are you? In the last floor you find the turnip from the intro, however it has become a monster. In it’s first phase it has 3 heads that are the weak points, after destroying them, the turnip is revealed to be some kind of conch with a monster in it, you can only attack it from below. After destroying it you finally grab the turnip and complete the game. Yep, nothing more, you did it, good job mate!

Complete The Catacombs

The Catacombs are a part of each floor where you need to kill some monsters in order to progress, it is easy so don’t worry about it.

I Urned That
Complete The Graveyard

Just like The Catacombs, The Graveyard is a part of each floor where you need to break urns to find a key to the next room. Don’t even waste your time killing the enemies, they respawn after a while.

A Bit Jumpy
Complete the bonus game

The bonus game is marked green on the map an it’s a very easy way to win coins, it is a simple plataformer where you get coins, if you die on the bonus you go with all the coins you got so it’s not a big deal dying, however if you want you can try just to pass it without risking to get the achievement.

Level Up Achievements

1 Up?
Level up once

To level up in Iron Fisticle you need to kill monsters and grab itens, at each level you unlock more itens and weapons to aid you in your quest. This is an easy achievement and you will reach level one in no time.

Ten-tative Progress
Level up ten times

As I said in the last achievement, just go killing monsters and grabbing itens, if you grab lots of itens in a row it will become a combo and get you more points and xp, so try to do it more.

That’s Your Lot
Reach max level

The max level is 35, so about 2-3 hours you will probably be already at this level.

Collectibles Achievements

Chest Obsessed
Open 100 chests (any type)

Chests appear in every room almost everytime so it is easy to do this achievement, remember that every blue chest has a weapon, it is the most important chest to you.

Spelling 101
Collect all letters spelling B-O-N-U-S

In every room appear at least one letter, it can be repeated tho. The reward for completing the B-O-N-U-S letters is transforming all the enemies in the room in valuable itens like Bells or Coins (that only count to your score meter).

Collect 100 itens in the ledger

The ledger is where shows everything you collected in all your playthroughs, just collect 100 different itens and this achievement is yours.

Girl’s Best Friend
Collect 5 diamonds

Diamonds are kinda rare, but on a floor you can probably find 1-2 diamonds which is good.

Gobble It
Collect 10 golden goblets

Goblets are more rare than diamonds, sometimes you can’t find none on a floor.

Coin Collector
Collect 1000 coins

Coins are easy to collect, but always try to go at an bonus room to grab the maximum coins you can, doing so makes this achievement an piece of cake to get.

So Shiny!
Collect 100 treasures

Treasures are golden things, like golden rings or bracelet and other stuff. They aren’t that rare however for being needed 100 of it, it can take a while.

Collect all hint books

There are 16 books on total, this achievement is kinda hard because you need to be lucky to get an specific book.

Colours in the air
Collect all rainbow gems

Like the B-O-N-U-S letters, an gem can appear in each room. The reward for collecting all gems is a Super Rainbow Weapon, that has good range and is fast, being the best weapon of the game, it’s a shame this weapon only works for your current room and then back at your normal weapon.

Takes The Cake
Collect a giant piece of cake

Self-explanatory, the giant piece of cake appears near the end of the game.

Kill Achievements

Kill 1000 Frankies

Frankies are the common enemie of this game, they appear in every room besides the boss room, the Cemetery and the Catacombs, you probably will have killed 1000 of them before reaching 1 hour of playing the game.

Beating The System
Kill a golem

Golems appear when you take too long to exit an room, they are invencible to your weapons, but you can easily kill them with your Magical Gauntlet.

So Dashing!
Kill 10 enemies using dash

Your dash is not only an great way to evade projectiles, it can hurt enemies too, even bosses! To do this achievement simple do it in the first floor, dash the enemies, go back, rinse and repeat.

Health Related Achievements

Clean Sheet
Complete a room without losing any health

This one is so easy you can probably do it first time, just make sure you don’t get cornered and it will be done in no time.

Skin Of The Teeth
Complete a room when entering with only 1 health

To do this one you can start a game, get damaged on the first room until you have only one health, finish this room and finish the other, remember to not grab any health pickups and you will be fine.

Buying Related Achievements

Planning Ahead
Buy a gold item in the shop

Iron Fisticles has upgrades, the golden ones are permanent, what means it can make your future playthroughs pretty more easy so gold itens are essencial to buy, don’t be afraid and buy all the golden itens you can.

Random Events Achievements

Mixed Feelings
Get the golden turd

The Golden Turd is a very rare “treasure” that can appear randomly in a room.

When Life Gives You Lemons…
Make lemonade

There is a chance of a random room having lots of lemonade in it, just by entering it you get the achievement.

Get garlic breath

The garlic breath is just like the fire power up, but its green, it has a random chance of appearing in a room.

Gone Bananas!
Get the golden bananas

This one is very rare to happen, if you enter in a room where there’s a single banana, grab it, after that will appear two bananas, and then three, and four and five and finally, the room will be filled with golden bananas to collect.

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