Into the Radius VR – How to Survive

This guide teaches you the common sense on the radius (I tried not to put huge spoilers, but if you want a trial and error play through don’t read this).

How to Survive for Newbies


This game is a very complicated and unforgiving game, if you dont either save every 20 minutes, or run away from everything, or stay low and keep a low profile in dark areas; you’re dead. This game doesnt get much easier, you just develop strategies. One thing before I go on a how to rant: everything that looks like it can kill you, probably can; fall damage, gusts of air, blue geometry in the ground, the grass. Everything can kill you! Okay now onto the guide part of the guide.

When you get throught the tutorial you are just thrown into the world with a pistol, a room, a backpack, a map, and a knife. You are given very little ammunition and must use your ammo wisely, you are told to do your first mission just go collect something and bring it back; sounds simple enough, you head for the radius going wherever becasue you havent entirely found out how the map works, but you try to go to the item.

You come across multiple stalkers, you being scare just shoot at them hoping they die; you see a hole in them and assume they are dead and you pick up the item and make it back to the base. congrats now for more missions. Your entire goal in the radius is to do what you’re told and stay out of the way of most entities, and shoot if you must.

Going Deeper

That part above was nothing compared to what you will go up against. In the radius you can find multiple objects, you press the trigger many times with nothing happening so you decide to read the description of the item and it can be sold for money, If you go back to your base and into the store, you can put items in the buy station and sell them on the tablet to the right, this doesn’t make much money but it makes money.

There is also the security level system, you must complete various high tier missions to increase that level to buy higher security items (of course some of the items can be found lying around from a “previous explorer” but they must be repaired or cleaned a lot). So, you have mainly done everything in the tutorial and want to go out and explore, find new items, and GET MORE AMMO. You go beyond the current fog and go to a new city, they aren’t necessarily more dangerous, but they are different. you can go very far into the world. Weapons can be found anywhere, but always hiding away. Artifacts are also valuable, some do things to give you an advantage, some dont.


In different areas of the zone there are more enemies making them more annoying to kill, having a better gun/weapon can help with absolutely annihilating every enemy in sight. A fantastic example is any AK or the AS VAL, their ammo type is very common to find later in the game, and they are both great guns: The AS VAL is integrally suppressed, meaning you can kill enemies without alerting everything in a 10 km radius. The AKM is a very good fully automatic AR, this makes it good for killing multiple enemies that are mad at you for existing.

Although these guns sound like a dream come true, just remember to not haul so much around whilst using them at the same time, you will weight at least an extra 5 KG. I know this next part isnt a weapon but it MUST be used later in the game (mainly because you need a high security level for it) BUY ARMOR, it may be quite expensive but please do it. Armor will be a massive help while being further into the zone.


Artifacts get super complicated so I will keep it short. For most artifacts that have an effect on you, the building/area will have lots of floating things around the area, and gas anomalies. You must buy a gas mask to go to these areas, the image shown here…

Doesn’t have an artifact in that exact area. There is usually an artifact in every area, useful and useless, but do not just throw away the “useless” ones; sell them. Although these artifacts may not be worth much, they are worth money.

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