Interstellar Transport Company – Planet Guide and Map Seeds

Important Resources


Luxuries are a rare resource, but they are not necessary for planetary development. They are rare and needed in smaller amounts. On greater availability than 45% there will be a net worth production. The production raises with higher population and robotics.


In late game stellarum becomes important for planetary development on planets with high population. If there is a deficit of supply the planet does not produce goods anymore, even food and water. The availability is mostly good and one good stellarum planet can supply several high populated planets. The production raises with higher population and robotics.


To found a self sustained colony you need more than 25% food and 45% water, but remember robots boosting your production.


I have tried about 30 different seeds for Interstellar Transport Company to find good maps with habitable planets and availability of most resources. The amount of stars where 12 and can be changed, without changing the first 12 systems. The starting system also can changed to the sol system. The best 4 candidates i wanna share with you.

Map Seeds


If you are looking for a system with habitable Planets this is the best candidate. At the starting system is one additional giant and 3 additional giants are out of the starting system. There are also several smaller habitable planets and many they have good habitability but not much water. One giant Planet is suitable for luxuries out of the initial system. There is plenty of stellarum on 2 giants, one medium and one small planets. I am rating the galaxy with 10 of 10.


This Galaxy got one additional giant habitable planet out of the starting system. Luxuries are available on 2 outer Planets out of the initial system, one of them is giant and will generate a surplus. 3 Planets are pretty good for mining stellarum, one is giant. This galaxy gets a rating 8 of 10.


This map has several Planets for Luxuries but just one smaller one witch will generate a surplus. There are 2 Planets for stellarum, one of them is giant. 3 planets out of the starting system are habitable and one is a giant. I will rate the map with 7 of 10.


If you are looking for stellarum this will be your choice. On 7 Giant ond one small planets is stellarum available. Luxuries are sadly just on one smaller planet. There are one giant and 1 medium habitable planets, but several medium habitable planets. The rating for this map is 6 of 10.

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