Inscryption – 3 Blood Deck (or, Why Are You Still Losing?)

Using the 3 blood deck and working to expand its usefulness through first round draws and easy built combos.

Of Goats and Moles

The basics of the deck are very easy to manipulate, but you have to play it safe in the beginning. Work to directly either sacrifice, or remove from your deck, any other 1 blood sacrifice cards (I usually equip the Mole sigil to the Moose.)

This will allow you to pull the Goat and a Squirrel round one every time, as the game is set to give you a basic lvl 1 card to start by default.

Exponential Growth and Combo’s

So you’ve removed the Mole and are now stuck with the Goat as your single sacrifice card. Whats next? Time to grow your options.

Generally, it should be easy to spot, but keeping your deck to 3 blood sacrifice cards is key, but keeping up with the black goat can be a little tedious, so set a goal to make sure it’s usable.

  • 1. Goat + Cat/Child 13 – Infinite summon but weak on the field so level it with campfires
  • 2. Goat + Goat + etc – Keep stacking goats, you really would only need 2 or 3 to get you through the majority of the game
  • 3. Goat + Cockroach – The rebirth effect comes in handy as it will reappear in your hand after each use
  • 4. Elk Totem/Goat in a bottle – Less reliable, but still very effective if you find a nice working combo

Once you manage to get a working strategy down, you can really start to focus on getting large 1 turn damage setups while splicing any cards you have to keep your deck to a minimum.

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