Inscryption – Ouroboros Card Exploit

An Exploit to Ouroboros Card

When I beat my white snake, it gets bigger…

So, you know that rare card, Ouroboros? Yeah, that thing is fairly well balanced early on, but later, it gets… potentially nightmarish. It’s an expensive card that, upon death, immediately returns to your hand and gains +1, +1 in stats.

Starting in act 2, you will receive a hammer to clear away your undesirable critters, and in act 3, your economy is dictated by a Hearthstone-esque building point meter which grows every turn up until a maximum.

You also can get Ouroboros very, very soon in chapter 3.

Despite your host’s assurance that he’s the best at keeping the game tight and from being broken, when he offers a surrender, he will not press the issue. Not even when you play Ouroboros and bash it every single turn, letting you kill it over and over and over again until starvation threatens to end the game.

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