Inscryption – How to Get Endless Bones (Second Chapter)

Guide to Endless Bones


This incredible abuse was found, which, as the name suggests, will give you infinite bones and, if successful, will allow you to commit OTK. Well, currency farming from the previous section can also help.

What we need:

  1. Rare Necromancer Card.
  2. Rare Tomb Raider card.
  3. A creature that we can put together with them in one turn.
  4. A little luck.

The strategy itself is as follows:

Step 1

By any means we are trying to achieve this alignment: We have 3 bones in our pocket, in our hand we have all the above listed cards.

Step 2

We put all three in any order (Since we farm money here, we put the Necromancer in the second space from the left). Break the 3rd creature with a hammer to get the starting bones. After that we will burn it through the active ability of the Raider.

Step 3

Thanks to the special ability of the Necromancer, we get 2x bones from the death of creatures. And the Raider gives us a creature for 1 bone, which you can immediately expose.

Step 4

The process can be repeated indefinitely. The most obvious option is to expose the Pile of Bones and pour everything into it.

Result: Infinite bones > infinite mana > infinite possibilities. The main thing is not to miss lethal damage to your face beforehand.

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