Ingression – How to Fix Button Prompts for PlayStation Controllers

Ingression supports button prompts for PlayStation controllers, however, you may be getting the Xbox prompts because of Steam Input, here is how to fix it.

Guide to Fix Button Prompts for PlayStation Controllers


Hey there! I am the developer of Ingression. I wanted this problem to get fixed on our end but because of how Steam Input works, you will have to do some tweaking.

The Cause of the Problem

A few years ago, Steam introduced a new feature they call Steam Input. It rebinds your controller to emulate a classic Xbox controller so games that don’t support other controllers, such as a DualShock device, can properly work with other controllers.

However, if your game already supports other controllers, this system messes it up. The only fix is by using the API Steam provides. When you are using an engine like Unity, this makes it really difficult.

So our problem is Steam Input and disabling it should fix our problem.

The Fix

Disabling Steam Input is actually fairly easy.


  • Go to your library and locate Ingression.
  • Right-click and go to properties.
  • Open the Controller Tab.
  • Change the “Override for Ingression” to “Disable Steam Input”.

There you go! The issue should be fixed now.

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