Infamous – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

This quick guide will show you useful tips and tricks on how to start the Infamous game correctly! If you have your own tips, please feel free to share with us!

Things You Should Know Before Playing

  • If you’re ever hurting for power or health you can always just start zapping something metal until it has a good amount of electricity around it and then drain that. It won’t give you a lot but it will usually give you enough to heal.
  • Pick a side at the beginning and follow it. Good powers tend to do less damage but be a bit more efficient whereas Evil Powers tend to do lots of collateral damages (for example, Good grenades = Sticky grenades, bad grenades = cluster grenades).
  • If you want the trophy, be sure to consciously do the skillshots or whatever they’re called as soon as possible. After you take control of a district, there won’t be any enemies that spawn there, so in the end, you’re stuck with a big city full of no one to beat up.
  • It’s far, far easier to play as an evil character. Good characters have to take care not to hurt civilians, and they have to try to humanely restrain enemies instead of killing them. Evil characters can literally just blow up everything in sight.
  • If you’re playing evil, the arc lightning ability will be one of the most useful. It won’t be lethal to the higher level enemies, but it will stun most foes in a mob once you’ve upgraded it.
  • Collecting the blast shards can make the game much easier. Pushing in the L joystick will reveal nearby ones on your map (the blue dots). It’s really worth detouring to find them, especially during story missions where the levels are a pain to revisit.
  • One of the most useful abilities for any character is being able to recharge energy by riding power lines/train tracks. Since upgrades don’t have prerequisites and you can buy them out of order, you should buy this as soon as you get the chance.
  • You may want to speed through the story missions to the point where you get certain abilities, like hover and the bullet shield. They make some of the side missions unbelievably more manageable.

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