Idol Showdown – Tips for Virtualworld (RPG Mode)

Virtualworld Tips

If you know how to use your character, take the increase gold (Chains) because gaining Pekos is valuable for rushing items. The more Peko you have the better chance you’ll have of buying Blue items from Mumei / Ame. You’ll also want to use events that give you Peko almost 100% of the time, like the Vesper Clone selling event or the Ollie slap event. The loss in Health is temporary, especially if you grab healing snacks.

If you don’t want to spend the time learning combos, then you can just pick the autocombo item (Gloves) and spam the light attack button when they get close. It’s how I did it with Coco without a lick of sense on how to play her. You’ll run into problems if you get an opponent that can’t flinch though.

If I have to suggest snacks, pick healing or damage mitigation ones for overall longevity.

As for items, they’re all mostly situational and depend greatly on your playstyle, but the majority of Blue items are extremely valuable. I like to grab the Glasses as soon as possible, because 3 random (non-ERROR) items is surprisingly good value.

I also don’t recommend grabbing ERROR items unless you feel comfortable enough to use them.

It’s a bit jumbled, but those are my general thoughts when playing the mode. I already won a couple of times with chars I wanted the skins on, but just because I succeeded with these game plans doesn’t mean you will. I wish you good luck.

On the topic of ERROR items, the book is shockingly good. AO-chan? The health drain really wasn’t that big of an issue and the random snacks is really helpful, sometimes even offsetting the drain. Also the one that grants you a floating dagger companion? Positively busted. Literally smacks the opponent before the fight even begins and it’s just free pressure and damage. Typically speaking (though not always) the upsides heavily outweigh the downsides, but make sure you’re reading what the items do just in case.

For instance, Dr. Oopsie can be a great hail mary if you need a lot of damage quick, but activate it too soon and you could be ending your run right there. I would really only pop it if I was on my last legs or the timer was low. And ultimately I just wound up not using it at all, anyways.

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