Honkai: Star Rail – The Seven Errors of Cycranes (Hidden Achievement)

The Seven Errors of Cycranes: Hidden Achievement Guide

Because I didn’t remember to make a guide at the begining… so I lost some of the screenshot. For example the first depressed bird, which is located northeast of Starskiff haven, you will receive this hidden achievement task after having a dialogue. The bird will ask you to go back and find the logistics manager Ziqiao.

Where to Get This Task

You can find Ziqiao in this place:

After the dialoge, and then you need to find the rest 6 birds.

Overall Location

Dissatisfied Cycrane

There are 2 left in starskiff haven. One is by the store.

Dissatisfied Cycrane

Resentful Cycrane

And a resentful cycrane. You need to find it twice.

Resentful Cycrane Place1

Resentful Cycrane Place2

It´s out of the circle he gives to you!

Pride Cycrane

Sorry I lost the screenshot of this bird, but it´s here.

And you need complete a “homework challenge”.

Brave Cycrane

Evil Cycrane

Courteous Cycrane

Just follow him.

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