Honkai: Star Rail – Simulated World 3 First Defeat Solution

World 3 Guide

I struggled a bit with World 3, as my team would destroy everything leading up to Gepard, but ultimately die to his AOE and counter attacks at the end.

I finally beat it today so I thought I’d share my comp and blessing choices:

  1. Elation Resonance path
  2. Focus on blessings that empower follow up attacks (elation)
    • Especially important are ones that restore HP
    • And ones that trigger more aftertaste damage or crit damage or weakness break on followups
    • Ones that make your ultimate count as a follow up attack
  3. Pick up Preservation or Remembrance blessings when a complementary one pops up
    • Ones that give shields, especially at the start of battle (helps trigger follow up attacks)
    • Ones that restore HP
    • Ones that increase crit damage on frozen targets (Herta and March 77th freeze a lot)

Characters (Level 50)

  • Nameless / main character (Amber Light Cone, Streetwise boxing set)
  • March 7th (Amber Light Cone, Knight Of Purity Palace set)
  • Clara (Collapsing Sky, Guard of Wuthering Snow set)
  • Herta (Sagacity, Hunter Of Glacial Forest set )

*All cones are level 50, except claras which is only level 30

*I haven’t put much effort into leveling up relics, but the boxer set is level 12

Use MCs skill to taunt as much as possible, and focus on keeping up shields to trigger as many follow up attacks as possible.

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