Honkai: Star Rail – Boulder Town Super Event: Guide for 600 Free Stellar Jade

Boulder Town Super Event

Hola everyone, new event has come and we will milking some free Stellar Jade here, I calculate there will be 600 free Stellar Jade. The event is simple. You just need arrange your team, to fight with some enemies in 4 rounds each category (difficulty level).

There will be 5 boxing categories (difficulty level):

Five Boxing Categories

  1. Fatherweight (easiest)
  2. Lightweight
  3. Welterweight
  4. Middleweight
  5. Heavyweight (hardest)

Harder category will be open after you complete previous category. Each category has 4 rounds.

Buff after you complete each round

First of all you will be informed about buff that you will get after completing each round. This buff will stay until you finish that category. You can collect 3 buffs from round 1 to 3, and finish your 4th round with that buffs.

This section remind me about fighting game, when choosing enemy randomly

Then you will be showed the weakness of enemies. For example for the first category, majority enemies have fire, wind, and lightning weakness. Then, you pick 4 team members. You can’t change this team. Each round, you will fight random enemy team and same enemy unit will have different weakness.

Your team versus random enemies

The battle is like HSR normal battle. You can use normal attack, skill, ultimate, etc.

Last round, you can check 3 buff that you got at low-left section

Victory after you complete 4 rounds

After that, you will get 20 free Stellar Jade. And, don’t forget to claim these prizes :

I complete it with 7 rounds, so I got 3 of these prizes

I calculate if you complete each category you will get 20 Stellar Jade and 100 Stellar Jade from objectives, and if multiply it for 5 times, total you can get 600 Stellar Jade from this event.

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