HoloCure – Save the Fans! – The Devil Hat Achievement Guide

Tips for The Devil Hat Achievement

You have to deal 1000 damage in a single hit!

Risu’s “Deez” ability does a fixed 25% damage to non-boss targets. If the target has at least 4000 HP, you’re guaranteed to do 1000 to it should the skill proc.

A lot of enemies that act as walls tend to have stupid amounts of health that this works on.

As a bonus, there’s an enemy near the end of Hard 1 that has enough HP to trigger the 10k achievement with this move.


  1. I completed this achievement by accident.
    I created a gathering of mobs in stage 4(?) when the boss spawn due to moving only on the edge. My cursor was away from the center so a lot gathered in the middle. When I hovered the cursor to the boss in the middle, it caused enough damage to get the achievement.

  2. 1K, even 10K, are more reasonable later on once you’ve unlocked EN Curse on stage 3, but to start out, yeah, Aki works well. Belly dancing until the 10 minute should be enough. EN Curse can chain from enemy to enemy, doing more damage per hit each time, so maxing out Marketing and Halu means it’s just a matter of time until one curse just snowballs out of control

  3. Easiest way is to play Calli, Suisei, or especially Bae and stack critical hit chance with hope soda that buffs crit damage.

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