Hokko Life – How to Delete Your Save

Save Files Location and Deleting

  • Close the game.
  • Disable cloud sync for Hokko Life in the game properties in Steam.
  • Go to %AppData%/Wonderscope/Hokko Life/SaveData and delete the folder 01.
  • Once you’ve played a while you can turn steam cloud sync back on.
  • If prompted about saves, make sure you select “upload local”.

If that doesn’t work:

  • Have file explorer open on %AppData%/Wonderscope/Hokko Life/SaveData
  • While the game is booting (in the white screen and logos) delete the 01 folder.
  • Make sure you delete the folder while the logos are showing, doing so afterward may cause problems

You can also delete the save from your local cloud storage:

  • Disable cloud sync for Hokko Life in the game properties in Steam.
  • Go to the Steam client folder on your computer and navigate through userdata/[User Id]/[App Id].
  • You need the AppId; to find this go the game’s properties on Steam and go to the Updates tab, App Id should be listed there.
  • Traverse through the folder and delete the remote folder and remote cache file listed, or at least whatever is inside the folder.
  • Launch Hokko Life again and save your game by sleeping, exit the game.
  • Enable cloud sync again and it may ask you what file you want synced. Choose the files that are stored locally, not in the steam cloud.
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