Hokko Life – Fishing Guide

At the beginning its hard to understand, but its easier than you think!

How to Get a Fishing Rod

First go to the beach there you will find Derry!

Derry will give you a recept for the fishing rod which you can craft at Sally’s Workbench.

How to Fish

  • Go and look out for some shadows in the water, these are fish! They can be at the river or at the beach!
  • If pressing E you can throw out the fishing rod.
  • You hold E til the “event” starts.
  • Be careful not to hold down too long.
  • Because when you hold it too long, it gets red you will lose the fish.

When the Event starts, you need to press:

  • Pull right = D.
  • Pull left = A.
  • While event stop pressing E.

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