Hogwarts Legacy – Muggles’ Guide to the Wizarding World (Tips and Tricks)

Here I have a few recommendations and tips in your adventures in the weird and wondrous world that is this funky “magical community”. Take this a “try this” more then a rule book.

General Tips

  • Do alot of the main line quest asap so you can have alot of the tools to do alot of the side quest easily.
  • Get a broom ASAP (See Broom tips for more)
  • Ones you can get the ability to capture beast you can get all but 2 of the 13 beasts. (See Beast tips for more)
  • Upgrading clothing will make them worth more.
  • Most items are over priced so buy the following.
  • Enemy lose you instantly if you drink a Invisibility potion. They can still hit you.
  • While flying spam REVELIO

What to Buy (Priority)

  • Any Broom (600 at cheapest) [you need 1]
  • Potting Table with Large Pot Spellcraft (1,000) [this can grow all sizes]
  • All Seed Packet (200+350+350+450+600+800+1,050=3800)
  • Phoenix feathers (700) and Graphorn Horn (700) [Untill you can farm them. If you are going to upgrade your gear.]
  • Dung Composter Spellcraft (1,000) [gives Fertiliser {make you get more out of your plants} every few mins]
  • Chopping Station Spellcraft (1,500) [gives random plant every few mins]
  • Hopping Pot Spellcraft (3,000) [gives random potion every few mins]
  • Material Refiner Spellcraft (1,500) [gives moonstone every few mins]
  • Whatever you want.

Brooms Tips

  • Get a broom ASAP
  • When getting a broom Spintwitches is the cheapest place to get one they all fly the same. What changes them is the upgrades.
  • Don’t worry about crashing on a broom you are glued to that stick.
  • You have unlimited boost for your broom when close to the ground/”floor”(roofs count as floors tree tops count).
  • You can mount your broom almost any time. This can stop fall damage.
  • Ones you get the broom I recommend finding Irondale (south east-ish of Hogsworth) and Pitt-Upon-Ford (North near that tower) you will buy need to buy Phoenix feathers and Graphorn Horn because you can’t get them any where else for a while.
  • Getting All the fast travel points asap help travel sooner then later.
  • To get to the south most area you must go through a certain mine tunnel.

Beast Tips

  • If you are going to upgrade you gear It’s best to get at minimum 1 of each beast
  • You can breed 1 male and 1 female and then sell the offspring for 120 coin same amount as capturing one.
  • There is only one unicorn den.
  • There is only one Graphorn den and they do not spawn till later.
  • Some beast come out only at night.
  • You can move while capturing. Also you can spam the capture button with no down side.

Battle Tips

  • Stupefy can break any shield. and you are fairly untouchable in that time.
  • When in doubt roll.
  • Dueling feats are hints on what a enemy is weak to.
  • You can regen some health out of combat.

Potion Tier List

1 = best, 1<worst:

  • Invisibility Potion
  • Focus Potion
  • Thunderbrew
  • Maxima Potion
  • Edurus Potion
  • Wiggenweld Potion
  • Felix Felicis Potion (pre-order and Playstation exclusive)

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