HITMAN 3 – H3_KBinds

This is a compiled AHK-Script with a user interface, it combines certain in-game actions to hotkeys.


  • Selected hotkeys are automatically created based on the in-game key binding of the first column.

For example, it puts the Interaction, Pick up and Activate/Deactivate key to one Button, so that you can do all these actions with a single button.

To be more precise, I have added a holding threshold (200ms).

So tapping the Interaction will perform the Interaction key press but holding the Interaction Key will perform the Pick up or Activate/Deactivate key press.

  • Hotkeys are only active in-game.
  • When changing keys in game, press “F5” so that the changes take effect.


  • ‘re-map keys (default)’ = restores the default key bindings (same as the in-game option)
  • ‘re-map keys (predefined)’ = these are the key assignments that i use, hold assignments are swapped out to unused symbol keys

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