Hi-Fi RUSH – How to Actually Get the S Rank in the Rhythm Tower

S Rank in the Rhythm Tower Guide

Some Tips:

Hibiki is still overpowered. On some floors it will not only give you an instant S rank meter but kill all the enemies at the same time, and it also destroys Z-shields and Energy Bubbles.

Even if it only gives you an A rank, you just killed all the enemies in 5 seconds and gained a ton of time.

Use the Jump+Light Attack beat hit immediately after every fight ends, before it cuts away to the next floor. It’s a free +3 seconds.

Don’t use Jam (Partner Beat Hit) combos. They’re super slow, and their primary use- giving a massive combo multiplier, is basically pointless in Rhythm Tower. At most, maybe only use them to help combo the VU-REVs (Fire Bird) since they’re honestly the biggest time waster in all of the tower.

A really good, super long combo for stronger enemies:

In This Order:

  1. Light-Light-Heavy-Heavy-Heavy (Brings them into an aerial combo)
  2. Light-Heavy-Light-Heavy (Aerial, puts them back into the air again)
  3. Light-Heavy-Heavy-Heavy (Aerial finisher)

Call Peppermint (regularly, not beat hit) at the end of each one for extra damage and to keep the enemy stunned. If the enemy is somehow still alive after all this, calling peppermint (regularly, not Beat Hit) after the last one will allow you to magnet grapple and restart the combo.

This is also an extremely strong combo against Rekka, Mimosa, and Kale, though you skip the middle step, and just do 1 and 3. (Rekka also can only be brought up in the air when she stuns/tires herself).

As for chips, I used 3 Rhythm Meter chips, so that it’s easier to get up to S rank for extra time, and then 2 Battery+ chips, the one that increases how much Reverb batteries give.

It’s all about strategies. Find the right ones and you can go from 2:30 left to this:

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