Hardspace: Shipbreaker – Using The Entire Mackerel – In A Single Shift

How to get the entire T2 Mackarel processed in a single shift. There will be waste, but you’ll come out with around 3 million credits, which is a much higher payout for your time than meticulously taking it apart over multiple shifts. It’s called efficiency.

How To

  • Thrusters and antennas into the barge.
  • Get inside, depressurize interior and airlock, cut cockpit bolts and floor bolts.
  • Salvage floorboards, reactor into barge.
  • Salvage main engine, then interior cargo & cockpit hardware, leave junction box alone.
  • Get inside, cut rear bolts and ceiling, salvage rear and ceiling.
  • Go to open rear, salvage fuel.
  • Try and get energy cell, Cute bolts of side panels for side without airlock from rear, salvage side panels.
  • Attach single tether to pull cockpit off of main body.
  • Get energy cell if not done already, get coolant tanks.
  • Salvage side panels on airlock side, leave airlock alone.
  • Tether carcass to forge (5-6 tethers).
  • Remove anything flammable, salvage junction box.
  • Get paid.

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