Halo Infinite – Multiplayer Tips

Long-time Halo fans should recognize the multiplayer in Halo Infinite, but new equipment, training choices, and, of course, new maps and weaponry mean plenty of possibilities to pick up new skills. Here you’ll find multiplayer tips and techniques for Halo Infinite.

General Tips

Let’s start with a recap of what’s new in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer. Here are the big things you should be aware of, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned veteran.

New Abilities

Use your equipment

  • The Equipment action is one of Halo Infinite’s most exciting new features, allowing you to use any piece of equipment you’ve acquired, from an overshield to a grappleshot. The special pickups have been changed to be activated pickups that drop when you die. Use them wisely, or you’ll lose them. From map to map, the equipment is different. By sprinting over to another pickup place, you can change out your equipment for the others accessible on the map.

Mark things on the map

  • Infinite adds the ability to mark items on the map by pointing your cursor at the item you want to mark and pressing the “Mark” button. This ability is context-sensitive and can be used on adversaries or locations. Locations marked with a white dot appear white, and enemies marked with a red dot seem red. They also auto-populate with the area’s name, which is quite helpful while learning map places and will give you an advantage if you remember them.

You can drop your weapons

  • Infinite now allows you to drop a weapon without picking it up. This allows you to swap weapons with your friends or pretend to be a clumsy Spartan.

Your AI can scan the environment

  • The AI scan is a new feature in Halo, and it can help you select a superior weapon. You can see weapon stations by scanning the area, even if they are hidden behind barriers.

You can switch between grenade types

  • As you explore levels, you’ll find other grenades, and instead of having to deplete your fragmentation grenades first, you may just swap them out for another variety.

Don’t forget to slide

  • With the inclusion of sliding, Infinite now offers a new type of movement. To slide down the ground, simply press the crouch button while sprinting. This makes you go faster than sprinting for a brief period of time, which is great for closing distances when you’re in a hurry!

Equipment Tips

  • With the grappleshot, you can drag powerful weaponry towards you, or a grenade can be hurled into the air. It’s possible that this is why power weapons don’t show up on weapon racks like other weapons. If your opponent gets a game-changing weapon first, attempt snaking it away from them.
  • If the creature you’re trying to grapple is within range, you’ll notice a little yellow marker in your sights when grappling. You’re too far away if you don’t notice a small yellow symbol!
  • Vehicles and persons can also be grappled. This is useful if you need to get close to someone you wish to kill or if you’re attempting to hijack a car.
  • The new Repulsor gadget allows you to jump extremely high. You may use the all-new Repulsor to deflect a powerful blast or push an oncoming vehicle away from you, but you can also use it to go to out-of-the-way spots by directing it towards the ground and activating it. This will propel you into the air, allowing you to reach higher elevations. This strategy can also be used to confuse your opponents and possibly get you out of a tight situation.
  • A drop shield’s little metal portion can be shot to instantly demolish the entire shield. The new drop shield is a useful tool for defending yourself against mild damage, but it’s also easy to remove. It’s not just weak, but it can also be destroyed quickly if you aim for the small metal component at the bottom. Don’t be frightened to take on someone with a drop shield — this isn’t a Halo 3 drop bubble!
  • You can use the new overshield whenever you need it. You don’t have to utilize an overshield straight away after picking it up. Instead, it is stored in your equipment slot and can be used whenever you choose. Wait till you’re in a pinch before using it! You can even duck under cover for a few seconds if you’ve taken damage, use it, and emerge with a big shield. It doesn’t make you any less safe if it becomes destroyed while you’re using it.
  • Enemy players can be fitted with the new threat sensor. You can target and shoot a threat sensor to have it attach onto a specific player like a plasma grenade if you want to keep an eye on them.

Other General Tips

Keep an eye on your radar

  • In Halo, this is one of the most crucial muscles to develop. Your radar, which can be found in the bottom lefthand corner of the screen, alerts you to any close movement by displaying a red dot. There are even bigger red blips to symbolize vehicles! However, enemies who are crouched will not appear on this radar, so if you need to be a ninja, use the crouch button.

Know when to jump

  • Jumping might help you win gunfights, but it can also grab the attention of your foes and make you a more vulnerable target for sniper fire. Try to figure out when jumping will cause your opponent to miss a shot or two, giving you a chance to win, and when it will draw undesired attention (for example, when carrying the flag in Capture the Flag).

Weapon Tips

  • Weapon racks indicate how long it will take for a weapon to respawn. Look for the blue bar that progressively fills up over the spawn station! This is a progress meter that indicates whether you’ll have to wait a short time or a long time for the weapon to resurface. If the gun’s outline is red rather than blue, it signifies the weapon is already in use and won’t respawn until the ammo runs out or the weapon despawns for some reason (like being lost over the edge of a cliff).
  • Weapon racks don’t always have the same weapon, although they always seem to have the same type of weapon. One weapon rack, for example, may always spawn kinetic mid-range weapons like the VK78 Commando or the BR75 Battle Rifle, while another weapon rack may only spawn more powerful close-range weapons like the CQS48 Bulldog or the Heatwave.
  • Alternate firing modes are available on some firearms. You can switch between modes by pressing the zoom button (LT on controller or bound key or button on PC). The Heatwave, for example, may fire in both vertical and horizontal modes. Enter the Academy to undertake Weapon Drills or play against bots to experiment with weapons and their various fire modes.

Know the Different Types of Damage

  • Kinetic weapons are the most prevalent form of weapon, and while they take longer to break shields, they deal massive health damage. The MA40 Assault Rifle, the BR75 Battle Rifle, and the VK78 Commando are kinetic weapons.
  • Plasma weapons aren’t new to Halo, but they’re implemented differently in Infinite than they were in previous games. They deliver a lot of damage to shields and a lot of health damage, but they don’t disable vehicles as the Plasma Pistol did in prior games. The Plasma Pistol and the Pulse Carbine are two plasma weapons.
  • The Forerunners’ preferred weapons are hard light weapons, which deal equal damage to shields and health while also having the ability to bounce projectiles off walls. The Heatwave shotgun is an example of a hard light weapon.
  • Shock weapons are brand new to Halo, and they appear to deal less damage to shields and health than most other weapons, but they do feature the immensely important ability to disable vehicles for seconds at a time. The Disruptor and the Shock Rifle are two examples of shock weapons.

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