Halo Infinite – Basic Combat Tips

This isn’t a full walkthrough, but a list of advices than will help the newcomers to obtain success and enjoy more the game.

Tips to Combat

Combat Advices

First of all, this game is radically different from the previous ones, and the enemies are too. A Halo experience doesn’t necessary useful to this game.

Be patient

Unless you’re trying to obtain the achievement to complete the game in less than 8 hours, don’t hurry: to attack too soon a target may make you killed sooner than later.

Develop your powers

The extra abilities are key to victory: the hook is key to climb, and it can allow you to quicky approach a enemy. Only the hardest one survive a striking attack with him. And these are weakened. Unless it’s a boss, a second physical impact will kill him. The sensor is necessary to locate camoufled Elites, and the Wall will allow you to find cover instantly. That’s ideal when you lose your shields. With that you can recover them.

Don’t approach

The enemies, specially the leaders, are though, and they’re grouped. You alone have very few options to defeat them all at the first attempt.

There is no small enemy

The Grunts and Jackals are the weakest enemies… but they can kill you easily if you’re weakened. Don’t leave no one live to attack your back.

Keep the distance

Specially with Banished leaders, it’s suicide to attack them frontally: use an armed vehicle, or a long distance weapon to take the enemies one by one. It’s much safer to engage the target when he’s alone.

The size matters

The turrets make you slow, but they’re devastating. One can help you a lot to kill a target. However, they’re rare: it’s better to keep them to the hard targets.

Watch the sky!

The Phantoms appears too much often, to download reinforcements. That’s bad, but thye worse are their main guns. Even if you’re in a vehicle, they will kill you very easily. Unless you’re behind a turret or inside a Scorpion, when a Phantom appears, run to hide behind a cover until he leaves!

The Hunters

They are very rare, but also very, very dangerous: never attack them unless you’re inside a Scorpion or have missile launchers.

Use the scanner to locate the records

A lot of the marine ones are located above Banished key facilities, in watching places, some over a hill, some inside a cave.

The comm towers are hard to find

Because only their core appears in the scanner. But when you hear a grunt voice, one is nearby. When you’re more near, better you hear the voice. Using an Wasp or Banshee will allow you easily find them… but you also will be attacked by enemy Banshees. An advice: the towers are distributed equally in the map. If you cannot see one in a big area, it must be one hidden there.

The Wasp is good to travel quickly…

But is slower than the Banshee, poorly armed, and very frail. ¡Beware the fire from the ground! If You’ve to fight a Banshee, your only advantage is than the Wasp can turn around easily. Don’t allow the banshees to have you in front of you: turn around them, shooting them nonstop.

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