Gunfire Reborn – How to Play Turtle Man

Qian Sui (Turtle Man)

Qian Sui is the game’s sixth playable Hero, and he can be purchased for 600 Soul Essence.

Qian Sui’s playstyle relies on tanking hits and moving quickly, getting near to adversaries and dealing a burst of damage to them.

Qian Sui has the largest base Shield, the fastest recovery rate (tied with Lei Luo), and the lowest recharge time when compared to other heroes. As a result, his Shield is extremely effective at absorbing enemy damage.

To strengthen his tankiness, he can summon a Tidal Aspis for a short time, which protects him from frontal blows. This forces him to use Striking Punch rather of his weapons, however it can be substantially improved while the Aspis is active, particularly with Movement Speed boosts and Hurtle.

The most significant disadvantage of Qian Sui is that he must be near foes in order to use his abilities. Because of this, as well as his dependency on rapid movement speed and his eyesight impairment during Tidal Aspis, controlling him can be difficult. Along with this issue, the player may move too far forward, allowing adversaries to hit him in the back where he is unprotected, or leaving him defenseless in enemy territory when his Aspis dies.

Qian Sui Tidal Aspis Build

  • White Water
  • Unbearable Hurtle
  • Hostile Gift
  • Wave Rider
  • Irrepressible Surge
  • Mighty Surge

This build relies around developing Tidal Aspis and using it as Qian Sui’s primary means of inflicting damage, as the name suggests. It takes inspiration from Tidal Fort, the Aspis’ main tree, as well as Violent Tempest and its Aspis-themed boons.

At close range, White Water reflects a portion of the damage the Aspis takes, and at maximum levels, you can deliver up to 2,000 damage to nearby opponents.

Unbearable Hurtle turns your dash into a weapon by lowering enemy movement range, making them simpler to hit and giving you a chance to flee if necessary. It also increases the amount of damage they take. It also works nicely with Wave Rider and Hostile Gift, which boosts your magazine by a predetermined amount for every block produced while the Aspis is active. While the Apsis is active and for a brief time afterward, it enhances movement speed by 20% to 40%, but it also grants a minor boost to weapon power once the Apsis retracts.

Finally, we recommend focusing on Irrepressible Surge to lower Hurtle and Tidal Aspis cooldowns, as well as Mighty Surge to increase block duration.

Fun Fact

  • Qian Sui’s species is a Snapdragon Turtle, also known as an alligator snapping turtle.

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