Guild Wars 2 – Some Life Hacks

Maybe you already know some of those. Maybe you get some valuable new knowledge.

Life Hacks / Quality of Life Improvements


If you either play the game in another language than english, or if you play it in english and the game contains a translation for your native language, holding the right CTRL key translates the game as long as you hold the button.

Seeing events/disabling personal story

ESC-menu – option – general options – Content Guide: Disable Personal Story

If you do this, you will have an orange spot on your mini map whenever an event is happening near you.

Inside a Squad and missed the Ready Check?

If you are in a squad and – for some reason – don’t have the ready check, you can click the p key and re-do the ready status.


If you type /wiki in the chat, it opens the GW2 wiki in your default web browser. If you add another word, wiki will already search for that. eg: /wiki armor

Buy during crafting

If you need additional materials in the middle of crafting, you can right click on the icon of the material and then click on “purchase more”. If the material is available at the auction house, you can now buy it.

You still need to go to the auction house/trading post by foot, but since you have already bought what you need, there is no need to remember anything.

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