Guardian Chronicle – Tips to Improve

Tips to Improve

Do not upgrade money making units more than lvl 2.

  • lvl 1 gives +20;
  • lvl 2 gives +40 and consists from 2 units which would normally give 20*2=40;
  • lvl 3 gives +60 and consists from units who would give +80 = you are losing -20 already.
  • lvl 4 gives +80, you lose -80, ouch.
  • lvl 5 = you wasted money and lost game xD

This rule also applies to dmg units, try filling board with lvl 2 and only then upgradde further. Unless you have some legendary barbarian who grows stronger if he is the highest rarity unit.

No idea who is poison shooter, but any AoE unit is must have, since enemies attacking in great numbers and from what i have seen, players are losing to zerg, not to bosses.

So your tactic should be like that:

  • Slot 1: money maker for early game;
  • Slot 2: AoE unit like Gunner (even if AoE part activate only every 8 sec);
  • Slot 3: strongest dps you can get, in case of bosses;
  • Slot 4: speed/attack buff to your slots 2+3;
  • Slot 5: AoE slowing;

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