GTA: San Andreas – How to Recruit Gang Members

CJ quickly reunites with the Grove Street Families and joins them in their attempt to claim new territory when he returns to the streets of Los Santos at the start of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ campaign. As the protagonist rises through the ranks of the green-clad street gang, he quickly develops the ability to recruit gang members to join him.

These followers can be useful if you’re starting a Gang Warfare event or getting into a particularly difficult firefight, so here’s how to recruit gang members for those in need of assistance. This guide includes an update for the Xbox, PC, and PS5 versions of GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition.

How to Recruit Gang Members

You must first locate a member of the Grove Street Families patrolling the street in order to recruit an ally. Because the street gang is all dressed in green, they’ll be easy to spot. Lock on to a potential recruit once you’ve found them. Now, use the D-pad or the G key to invite them to join your party. If the recruitment goes well, they’ll warm up to CJ and start following him.

Following your recruitment, gang members will pursue you and fire at any enemies who attempt to attack you. They’ll also get into cars with CJ and do drive-bys on hostiles in the area. You can order your followers using two commands: follow (up on the D-pad / G key) and stop (down on the D-pad / H key).

CJ’s party will disband if he moves too far away from them, so make sure all of your followers are in a car before leaving for your next location.

Respect and Larger Parties

It’s worth noting that CJ won’t be able to immediately recruit a large number of gang members. You’ll only be able to recruit two supporters at a time at the start of the game. You’ll need to increase your Respect stat to increase the number of followers CJ can add to his group. You can bring a total of 7 followers with you on your adventures if your respect stat is high enough, allowing you to recruit a small army of Grove Street allies.

Respect can be gained in a variety of ways, including main missions and killing rival gang members. Increasing your Respect level by gaining new territory for the Grove Street Families through Gang Warfare events. The Gang Warfare feature is unlocked near the end of the game’s first Los Santos section, and it is introduced by Sweet’s mission ‘Doberman.’

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