GTA 5 – Weekly Time Trials / Regular & RC Bandito (GTA Online)

Time Trials are short solo races that pay $100,000 for beating the set par time. This guide has walkthrough videos of all 42 and is organized in the order they rotate each week.


Each week in GTA Online there are two Time Trials available – A regular Time Trial, which is a point A to point B challenge, using a ground vehicle of your choice and following any route you want to take. (Special vehicles, such as those that can fly or have a rocket boost, are excluded.) Secondly, there’s an RC Bandito Time Trial which has checkpoints in a fixed order, a course that explores a single location, for example Martin Madrazo’s Ranch. (You do need to own an RC Bandito to play these.)

When you first complete each trial under the par time you receive $100k. Each Thursday the Time Trials change and, even if you’ve done one or both in the past, you can again earn the $100k for each. While it may not be a path to quick riches, I do consider the challenges a decent source of steady money, especially if you have some time to kill waiting on businesses to make product. Additionally, Time Trials can be done in a solo lobby, which isn’t a bad way to avoid the plague of cheaters on PC.

Right now there’s 32 regular Time Trials and 10 RC Bandito Time Trials, so in the case of the former it takes 8 months to rotate through all 32. If more are added, I’ll update this guide to include them.

If something ever goes wrong with a Time Trial attempt, you can respawn back at the start by holding F on keyboard or Y / Triangle on controller.

I hope the videos below are helpful, but please don’t feel a need to follow them precisely. The routes shown in the regular Time Trials are ones that shouldn’t be overly complicated or rely on luck, with some odd exceptions where that couldn’t be avoided. I invite you to bring your own creativity to what vehicle you use and the path you take.

Lastly, a disclaimer: Part of what I enjoy most about the GTA series is driving with custom music playing. It’s an eclectic mix and I know not everyone’s cup of tea. If you don’t care for a song, feel free to use the mute button. My feelings won’t be hurt.

All Weekly Time Trials (Regular & RC Bandito)

1 – Del Perro Pier

  • Par Time: 1:43.2
  • Difficulty: 4/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Fast motorcycle or a top super/sport car

Here you can take either the freeway or major surface streets (route in the video). I believe the freeway is slightly shorter in length, but I personally had frequent issues crashing into the NPC traffic that way. The final stretch getting to the top of the dam can be very tricky, so if using a car I’d advise something with decent weight to maintain some grip on the dirt road there.

2 – Observatory

  • Par Time: 2:04.4
  • Difficulty: 4/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Fast motorcycle

A fairly long distance Time Trial with a lot of offroad segments. The relatively short par time forces you to cut northeast from the hills outside downtown Los Santos through Sandy Shores and then around the lake to the Grapeseed airfield. The BF400 with it’s high top speed and excellent handling on dirt I’d say is ideal, but the Bati 801, Hakuchou Drag and Shotaro should be strong choices as well.

3 – Great Ocean Highway

  • Par Time: 2:04.9
  • Difficulty: 2/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Fast motorcycle or super/sport car

The route here is about as basic as they come – hop off the top of the parking garage at the start, go a few blocks to the western highway and head north at full speed. There’s quite a healthy amount of cars in the super and sports class that can beat the par time, but I’d say likely easiest with the Deveste Eight, Pariah, or even 811. The Shotaro and Hakuchou Drag should also be fine choices. Doable I’d say with the Bati 801 as well, but that could prove a bit difficult given the curves of the highway and need to wheelie for optimal speed.

4 – Mount Gordo

  • Par Time: 0:46.3
  • Difficulty: 3/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Fast motorcycle

One of the shortest Time Trials, but can be awkward at first trying to find a good path up the mountain, avoiding the trees and boulders along the way. I’d recommend a Shotaro or Hakuchou Drag if possible. Also, when you’re about to start, be mindful that the train can appear and block you from crossing the tracks, which can ruin the run.

5 – End to End

  • Par Time: 4:09.5
  • Difficulty: 2/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Fast motorcycle or super/sport car

This one is super simple and you can just follow the GPS. Starting at the commercial docks, go through the industrial area of east downtown and get on the central freeway heading north. NPC traffic is the key hazard and the worst danger is in the opening mile or so to the freeway. The small profile of a motorcycle can help avoid those problems, but alternatively the high speed of a Deveste Eight or Pariah can practically guarantee you’ll make it to the end with ample time to spare, if your dodging skills are up to snuff. The final leg does involve dirt and a lot of bumps, but is short and largely straight.

6 – Fort Zancudo

  • Par Time: 1:44
  • Difficulty: 3/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Fast motorcycle

Don’t even bother trying to follow the GPS here, you’ll never make it in time. Use Route 68 to head east from Fort Zancudo and then cut south up the mountain. A fast car with decent weight can manage it, but I would strongly recommend a bike so that you can beat it in a reasonable number of attempts.

7 – Storm Drain

  • Par Time: 0:38.5
  • Difficulty: 3/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Top super/sport car or very fast motorcycle

This one is short and simple. The tricky part is in what vehicle you elect to use. Top speed is important, but equally so is acceleration. The Emerus, Kreiger and Vagner would all be solid choices, among others. Bikes should also be capable, such as the BF400 or Gargoyle with a glitched rear tire. Whatever you decide, it’ll be close at the end. When using a car, you can curb boost using the angled edge of the storm drain (as seen in the video), which can help to a slight degree.

8 – Up Chiliad

  • Par Time: 1:10.1
  • Difficulty: 5/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Shotaro or Bati 801

A very hard Time Trial, mainly due to how awkward it is to find a viable path. In the video I use a risky jump near the start to avoid the clutter of trees and boulders, but others have beat the par time just going directly through the woods. Traction loss gets severe as you near the top of Chiliad, even without snow being present, but that can’t be avoided. You might just want to skip this one, unless you’re intent on doing them all.

9 – Sawmill

  • Par Time: 2:15
  • Difficulty: 3/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Fast motorcycle

The path in this Time Trial isn’t especially complicated, but does require a bit of luck to beat the par time. Get on the train tracks right outside the sawmill and follow them to Sandy Shores where you cut across the desert airfield, then use the road beside the airfield to reach Davis Quartz quarry. The hard part is the desert section where you need to do your best to maintain top speed while going through rough terrain where rocks and other obstacles can be difficult (if not impossible) to notice in time to avoid them.

10 – Cypress Flats

  • Par Time: 2:07.2
  • Difficulty: 1/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Fast motorcycle or super/sports car

I’ve seen a few different routes used to complete this Time Trial, but personally prefer the one that essentially makes it an abridged version of #6 End to End. From the start in the industrial area of downtown, cut west to the main street heading north, then just follow that to the on-ramp for the central freeway (near the Diamond Casino). Once you reach Sandy Shores, cut east into the hills of the windfarm and hit the end checkpoint.

11 – Up-n-Atom

  • Par Time: 1:41.3
  • Difficulty: 1/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Fast motorcycle or super/sports car

Essentially just a basic freeway drive with a small offroad bit at the end, this is one of the easiest of the original Time Trials. NPC traffic poses a slight threat, but you should have plenty of room to avoid them.

12 – Maze Bank Arena

  • Par Time: 1:17.8
  • Difficulty: 2/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Fast motorcycle or super/sports car

A straight shot from the arena downtown to the Sisyphus Theatre in the Vinewood hills. However, the par time is tight, so you’ll want something with strong top speed and acceleration. NPC traffic is the main hazard, but only bad near the start and then in the hills near the end.

13 – Tongva Valley

  • Par Time: 0:58.8
  • Difficulty: 2/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Top super/sports car

Another Time Trial with an easy route, but you really need a vehicle with excellent top speed and acceleration given the very short par time.

14 – Coast to Coast

  • Par Time: 2:29.4
  • Difficulty: 2/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Fast motorcycle or super/sports car

Don’t let the GPS mislead you, the best path in this situation is just to follow the coastal highway north and then go with it south to Mount Gordo where you can turn left/east to Cape Catfish. The stretch of bumpy dirt road at the end is tricky at high speed, especially crossing the bridge, but the rest of the Time Trial should be a cake walk.

15 – Casino

  • Par Time: 1:00
  • Difficulty: 3/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Top super/sports car or Shotaro, Hakuchou Drag

For this Time Trial, start by just cutting directly across the freeway, being careful to avoid air time when you climb the other side. The rest is more or less just following the GPS, though I’d recommend cutting through the trees when you reach the point to head west in the Vinewood hills. If you’re using a car, go with something that’s not only fast, but can take sharp corners well.

16 – Route 68

  • Par Time: 1:19
  • Difficulty: 3/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Top super/sports car or Shotaro, Hakuchou Drag

Essentially a beeline down Route 68 in Sandy Shores, the NPC traffic poses the biggest risk as they frequently make abrupt turns. However, the path has smooth curves, meaning you basically never need to use the brake until the final, more severe bend by the gas station. I would think this is doable with a Bati 801, but I’d still strongly recommend something better, especially a car with excellent top speed.

17 – LSIA

  • Par Time: 1:43.4
  • Difficulty: 2/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Top super/sports car or Shotaro, Hakuchou Drag

I think this has a fairly generous par time, at least for the OG Time Trials, but the best path to the end may not be obvious at first glance. The trick is, after the airport, drive against traffic on the freeway and make your way northwest. That gets you to the main north-south street in Del Perro and takes you directly to the finish line in the hills outside downtown.

18 – Calafia Way

  • Par Time: 1:24.2
  • Difficulty: 4/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Fast motorcycle or car, ideally with excellent offroad ability

A long and bumpy ride, this Time Trial follows the dirt road circling the Alamo Sea. I would say easiest with a bike since the NPC traffic can appear in awkward places, but it certainly can be beaten using some cars, including the Comet Safari.

19 – Vinewood Bowl

  • Par Time: 2:58.8
  • Difficulty: 3/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Fast motorcycle or super/sport car

The route you follow makes all the difference in this Time Trial. I know some have beaten the par time using the dirt paths of Raton Canyon, but to make things much easier I’d recommend going north to Route 68, follow that west to Lago Zancudo, then cut through the army base to get to the western highway. Now, going through the base is completely painless if you own a hangar there, but if you don’t have that, a wanted level will be triggered, which could greatly complicate the last couple miles to the finish. In that case, you might be able to skip the base and just follow Route 68 to the coastal highway, then go north. That’s something I plan to test when this Time Trial shows up again.

20 – Power Station

  • Par Time: 1.26.6
  • Difficulty: 5/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Fast motorcycle or Omnis, Comet Safari

This Time Trial starts off easy and the middle is just following the freeway south, but the final leg in the east Vinewood hills is extremely difficult and there’s no way to avoid it. This will require multiple attempts (likely many) to finish under par. Using a motorcycle, you’ll need to approach the start differently than the video since bikes can’t knock down the fence – Head west out of the Power Station using the access roads, then cut across the fields to the freeway.

21 – Raton Canyon

  • Par Time: 1:16.6
  • Difficulty: 5/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: BF400 Rally Bike, Issi Sport, Kamacho. Sanchez maybe?

Alternate Run:

Extremely difficult regardless of vehicle choice, the path here is very dicey. It takes at least a handful of failed runs to get a feel for the flow of the route at the high speed required and there’s many ways it can go wrong.

22 – Down Chiliad

  • Par Time: 0:54.2
  • Difficulty: This one goes to 11
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Sanchez, BF400, Shotaro

The hardest and worst of all the Time Trials. An absolute nightmare. The setup is deceptively simple – Get from the top of Mount Chiliad to the bottom in just under a minute. Sounds thrilling, right? I thought so. The problem is that this is practically impossible without a bike, yet using a bike you’ve got a very strong chance of getting knocked off. Maybe you survive – more likely you don’t. Either way the bike goes flying and often becomes impossible to recover. The Mechanic is useless because you’re far from a proper road. If you absolutely must complete all the Time Trials, I understand and sincerely wish you the best of luck. For everyone else, just skip it, please skip it. This was more stressful than doing the Doomsday Criminal Mastermind challenge.

23 – Elysian Island

  • Par Time: 1:40
  • Difficulty: 1/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Fast motorcycle or decent sport/super car

The start of the 10 new Time Trials released with the first Diamond Casino DLC. These are easy compared to the OG series and the par times feel padded, so if you have a small accident or two you can still likely make the $100k. Here you can follow the GPS, the only shortcut being a small jump from a rocky ledge just before the very end.

24 – Galileo Park

  • Par Time: 2:05
  • Difficulty: 2/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Any bike or car with decent top speed, ideally fair handling on dirt

The beginning of this Time Trial is awkward, descending the hill by the Vinewood sign to the residential streets below, but things become much easier if you continue south to Vinewood Blvd and use that to head the majority of the way west, past the college, and up the winding road to Kortz Center. Also doable following the tight, twisting streets in the hills, but I personally feel that’s more trouble than it’s worth.

25 – Stab City

  • Par Time: 2:00
  • Difficulty: 2/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Any bike or car with decent top speed

Alternate route over the hills using GPS:

You can use two very different paths here – The easiest, but longer distance option is to go south from the Lost’s trailer park and then curve southeast around the hills into downtown, using Vinewood Blvd to reach the checkpoint. You will need something with good but not extraordinary top speed. Going over the hills is another route. You have to be a lot more active with the steering and braking, especially on the tight residential streets near the end, but given the generous par time it’s only moderately difficult at worst and can be done with even a fairly average sports car.

26 – Vinewood Hills

  • Par Time: 2:35
  • Difficulty: 3/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Fast motorcycle or super/sport car with good top speed and cornering

Alternate shorter distance route with dicey shortcuts:

This Time Trial has dual hazards of the twisting roads of the Vinewood Hills plus the unpredictable NPC traffic. However, traffic is thankfully light, rarely making abrupt turns, and the curves of the hillside easier than they are down below. You’ll still want a vehicle that’s both quick and can maneuver well. The first video, using the PR4 open wheel car, follows the GPS except for a small shortcut near the very end. The 2nd video, with the Issi Sport during 2019’s holiday snow, includes a risky crossing of a western hill and then detours into a gully for the final stretch.

27 – Grove Street

  • Par Time: 1:20
  • Difficulty: 2/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Any bike or car with decent top speed and sharp cornering

A rather uncomplicated crossing of downtown, from Grove Street to the posh area near Michael’s house. You will need to deal with a fair amount of sharp corners and dodging NPC traffic, so I would prioritize ability to maneuver over having high top speed. In my mind the XA-21 would be an ideal choice, but many others, cars and bikes, I’m sure can manage this Time Trial just fine.

28 – LSIA II

  • Par Time: 2:24
  • Difficulty: 2/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Any bike or car with decent top speed

A long section of this Time Trial you can do following the GPS, north from the airport and straight through downtown to the Vinewood hills. However, once you get past most of the residential area there, cut west so you can take the hiking trail for the last segment leading up to the Observatory. Using that route you should reach the finish with ample time to spare.

29 – Pillbox Hill

  • Par Time: 2:16
  • Difficulty: 3/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Any bike or car with decent top speed

Long distance for the newer Time Trials, from the coroner’s office downtown over the hills to the country church, but largely a beeline north with some shortcuts available near the end. The final section involves driving over grass and a bumpy dirt road, so if you want to use a car I’d advise one with some decent weight to it.

30 – Elysian Island II

  • Par Time: 1:50
  • Difficulty: 2/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Any bike or car with decent top speed

A simple crossing of south Los Santos, going from the commercial island just east of LSIA airport to the Del Perro Pier. Not long after the start the Time Trial, as you reach the north end of the small island, use the rusty train bridge to cut west earlier than the GPS will suggest. That’ll get you positioned to make an easy curve around the small boat marina, and in two shakes of a lamb’s tail you’ll be ready to take a sharp turn west, straight to the pier.

31 – Lake Vinewood Estates

  • Par Time: 1:26
  • Difficulty: 2/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Any bike or car with decent top speed

A fairly smooth journey from the houses in the Vinewood hills to a utilities area (?) just east of Fort Zancudo’s south entrance. If you have a very fast vehicle, you can follow the roads to the bridge over Lago Zancudo, swerving to the right of the base’s gate onto the dirt and grass, which puts you very close to the finish. Some fairly simple short cuts are also available to reduce the distance traveled, going offroad on the hills before the bridge. Bikes and quick cars with some heft to them should have little trouble with those.

32 – El Burro Heights

  • Par Time: 2:10
  • Difficulty: 1/5
  • Vehicle Suggestions: Any bike or car with decent top speed, even a Ruiner

Here we begin at the oil derricks east of downtown, cut over to the main north-south street of the industrial area, follow that north and then west to Vinewood Blvd. From there it’s just a matter of climbing the hill and then west to the hiking trail that leads from Lake Vinewood Estates to the Observatory. The tricky part is at the very start where you can potentially get spun out or even blocked by pipes trying to come down the hillside to the road, but even so I’d only label that as a slight danger.

For being the last of the regular Time Trial series, in order of original release, I am disappointed by the lack of creativity, but then again better an easy one than something absolutely evil like #22 Down Chiliad.

The next Time Trial after this should be #1 Del Perro Pier, since these just run in an 8 month loop.

RC Bandito Time Trials

The 10 RC Bandito Time Trials may seem difficult at first, but as you become more comfortable driving it and familiar with the typical flow of the courses, these challenges get much easier, the par times also being often generous. I don’t feel as though notes are required for each Time Trial, everyone uses the same vehicle and has to follow the route Rockstar designed, but I will say you’ll often have a much easier experience doing them at night since a frequent hazard is NPCs cluttering up the path. Striking one, even lightly, can sometimes get you a wanted level.

The cost of purchasing the RC Bandito is ridiculous. However, completing these Time Trials can earn back that investment before too long and then you can also make a dent in what you paid for the Arena Workshop. Let’s be honest, you’re not likely to get far with that playing Arena War.

1 – Construction Site I

2 – Cypress Flats

3 – Cemetery

4 – La Fuente Blanca

5 – Little Seoul Park

6 – Davis Quartz

7 – Vespucci Beach

8 – Construction Site II

9 – Vespucci Canals

10 – Power Station

After #10 Power Station the cycle should begin again with #1 Construction Site I.

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