GTA 5 – How to Get The Cayo Perico Pistol / Shotgun (GTA Online)

The Cayo Perico Pistol / Shotgun Locations and How to Get Them!

How to Get The Perico Pistol

For the Perico pistol you will need a key that can be found from a guard sleeping in these locations.

After you got the key start the heist and go to the compound and make your way to El Rubio’s office.

You will find the pistol in a drawer behind the desk.

Make sure to note that the gun can be collected once in a heist, so if you already took it and wanna give the gun to your friend you will need to finish the heist and start another one for him to get it but he will need the key also.

How to Get The Combat Shotgun

The combat shotgun can only be found in the compound in these locations.

After your find it you will need to buy it from the ammunition store for the price of 300K.

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