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What Is The Best Free Underrated Mod Menu to Use?

Kiddions Mod Menu

You might’ve heard Kiddions from a friend or YouTube videos and i’d say Kiddions Mod Menu is one of the best underrated Mod Menus why? Because i have been using it for almost a year now yep that’s right. I mostly use it for Money, Teleports, God mode, Off the radar, etc.

What is it most used on? it is mostly used on for rigging the slot machines, teleports, and missions cooldowns. I recommend watching a video on how the rigging the slot machines work it’s really good you can get up to 5 Million casino chips by using the mod menu with it.

Though you can get more than 5 Million casino chips but i would not recommend going higher than 5 Million dollars/casino chips That’s because Rockstar added a cooldown where you can only win 5 Million casino chips in a day though you can bypass the cooldown with Kiddions but i still do not recommend removing the cooldown for this one.

How would i rate this mod menu in my opinion? 9/10 why? because it does not have every single mod menu options but it’s understandable for getting less ban rate. But yeah if you are satisfy enough for this guide be sure to give an award and i would really appreciate it!!!

Download Link

Note: This is the official site to download Kiddions and it requires log in to get access to download.

Just scroll down a bit to find the latest versions.

Mod Menu Preview Screenshots

Official screenshots from the devs:

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