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Fast Leveling

So, you want to quickly level up in the game?

There are two methods for faster leveling your character up:

  • PvP
  • EXP Bonus Items


From my experience, it appears that PvP is the quickest way to level up your character.

Actually, it provides much more EXP than dungeon runs, I’m not sure how much EXP you get, but I can tell you that the higher your level, the more EXP you get.

EXP Bonus Items

Armors, Weapons, and Accessories (I think) can have stats that grant EXP Bonus, but the % of that EXP Bonus varies, with EXP Bonus ranging from 1 to 10%. (not sure if this correct, will update this.). Crests, on the other hand, can provide you with an EXP Bonus ranging from 1 to 7%, 9% and 15%. However, keep in mind that obtaining Crests is a bit of a grind; you’ll have to complete the dungeon multiple times to get one Crest in Champion Mode, yes, Champion Mode.

EXP Bonus Crests

(Continent | Dungeon) [Number of Times]

1% EXP Bonus

  • (Bermesiah | Forgotten City) [9x]
  • (Bermesiah | Gaikoz’s Castle) [10x]
  • (Silver Land | The Whispering Woods) [15x]

2% EXP Bonus

  • (Silver Land | Ruins of the Silver Knights) [16x]
  • (Silver Land | Lake Aurora) [17x]
  • (Silver Land | Primeval Island) [19x]
  • (Silver Land | King Fang’s Lair) [20x]
  • (Silver Land | Victor’s Fortress) [21x]
  • (Ellia | Partusay’s Sea) [26x]

3% EXP Bonus

  • (Silver Land | King Guang’s Fen) [18x]
  • (Ellia | Kamiki’s Castle) [27x]
  • (Ellia | Hell Bridge) [29x]
  • (Ellia | Kaze’aze’s Castle) [30x]

4% EXP Bonus

  • (Ellia | Temple of Fire) [28x]
  • (Ellia | Kastulle Ruins Lower Floor) [31x]
  • (Ellia | Battle for Bermesiah) [33x]
  • (Xenia | The Wyrm’s Maw) [41x]
  • (Xenia | Forest of Life) [44x]

5% EXP Bonus

  • (Ellia | Kastulle Ruins Upper Floor) [32x]
  • (Xenia | Temple of Cuatal) [39x]
  • (Archimedia | Hammer’s Reach) [50x]

6% EXP Bonus

  • (Xenia | Xenia Border) [38x]
  • (Xenia | Temple of Destruction) [43x]
  • (Archimedia | Under Hammer) [51x]
  • (Archimedia | Thunder Hammer) [52x]
  • (Archimedia | Relics of Kounat) [53x]
  • (Archimedia | Zeruel) [55x]
  • (Alcubra | Goblin Work Site) [50x]
  • (Alcubra | Underpass of Lost Hope) [51x]
  • (Alcubra | Kungji Village) [52x]

7% EXP Bonus

  • (Archimedia | Zeruel Border) [54x]
  • (Alcubra | Sands of Illusion) [53x]

9% EXP Bonus

  • (Xenia | Altar of Judgement) [42x]
  • (Xenia | Fortress of Ascension) [45x]
  • (Alcubra | Deserted Town) [54x]
  • (Alcubra | Seth’s Pyramid) [56x]

15% EXP Bonus

  • (Archimedia | Kounat’s Collapse) [56x]
  • (Alcubra | Ra Canyon) [55x]
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