Gothic 1 Classic – Useful Tips and Tricks

A guide of sorts for those weird game mechanics and other stuff i found out.

Tips and Tricks

  • Ctrl + W to interact/pick stuff up.
  • You can b-hop to go faster.
  • Dont pay taxes, use your money for better stuff.
  • Use sleeping to get free health and manna. There’s a dining thing in the outer circle of the old camp that has a bed you can use without annoying anyone.
  • Time your attacks, all of the melee stuff can do combos if you press at the right time. Is easier if you level up your one-handed.
  • Armor is expensive but also necessary. Following the main quest will give you armor but its gonna be freaking hard.
  • Some characters are invincible, but enemies with high armor will not take any damage (like minecrawlers). Increase strength to do more damage, so you can kill them.

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