GLADIUM – Strategy to Kill Titos

How to Kill Titos

  • Equipment used : Trident (weapon), Scutum (shield), Murmillo Helmet (helmet).
  • Perks used : Power, Mercy, Focus.

The main core of this strategy will be the use of shield slam, keeping your distance and having patience.

When the fight starts immediately shield slam Titos and hit him 1 time with the trident, immediately after that run diagonally to avoid his 3 attacks and run to the far extremity of the arena away from him.

Wait for him to come to you and when he is running (not using his shield) run in his direction and use shield slam again, hit him and repeat what was done before. This is going to be the main steps you should take when considering using this strategy.

You will also make use of critical attacks but I would advise only using them when your HP bar isn’t full. Since you have 3 stamina and should keep recovering if you feel your gonna get hit you can also evade his attack (you only using 1 stamina to shield slam him due to the murmillo helmet. Hope this helps anyone having trouble. Don’t forget that patience is key here.

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