Gears 5 – Jack Character Guide

A simple and not too long guide on the character Jack for horde. This includes my thoughts on them as a character, their skills and cards, and was written at the start of Operation 4 with the PvE rebalance.


As Jack you’re a lil robot so you don’t have any of the standard weapons, instead equipped with a;

  • Short range zapper, which does a little damage and can stun enemies after a second of use. This is really useful as you can stunlock enemies your team is struggling to deal with.
  • Short but longer range healing beam which can go through walls. It can heal allies, revive them when down as well as repair fortifications. This also makes Jack invaluable on harder runs since as long as you’re careful you can keep reviving your whole team.

Your role is a support, with your ultimate ability allowing you to take control of pretty much any enemy excluding bosses and mini bosses.

Your passive is that your ultimate regenerates faster when an enemy dies that you have marked. (Any enemy Jack touches with his zapper is automatically marked, as well as being able to use your standard mark key).

Jack also has a second passive which makes him invisible in combat as long as you aren’t attacking or using your healing beam.

Jacks’ perks in Horde include +Health, +Health Regen, +Movement Speed, -Repair Cost.

Jack is a unique character and a very important one. If you enjoy supporting your team by healing, reviving, repairing, giving power and stunning tough enemies, but not doing lots of damage, then Jack is for you!



Smelting weapons delivers 170% more power (max rank)

One of, if not Jack’s most important card. As soon as you have a forge built you can smelt weapons dropped on the map for power, paired with the movement speed perk, this card and Portable Ressupply, this gives your team a lot of power!

Healing Reach

Jack’s healing distance is increased by 70% (max rank)

Really good card for Jack, allowing you to use all the utility of your beam at longer ranges. Remember, the healing beam goes through walls too, this card is one of his best.

Zapper Upgrade

Zapper damage increased by 130% (max rank)

This card is optional, it is a fun card to use, especially on easier difficulties / earlier waves, however at higher waves or on higher difficulties doesn’t make a huge difference.

Healing Upgrade

Healing rate is increased by 90% (max rank)

Personally I haven’t used this card much and don’t feel it’s needed. You can heal allies faster and revive them very slightly faster.

Score Boost

18% increased team score in Horde (max rank)

Only used for leaderboard runs, doesn’t give extra XP.

Portable Ressupply

Weapons carried by Jack regenerate ammo 125% faster (max rank)

This card is really useful, only not for it’s intended use. This has a hidden bonus of allowing you to stay invisible when carrying weapons. The actual regenerating ammo is quite slow compared to a weapons locker and I don’t find myself carrying a weapon around to give it ammo much.

This card is moreso a quality of life to help you stay alive when smelting weapons.

Repair Speed

Jack’s fortification repair rate is increased by 90% (max rank)

An optional card for Jack. If you find yourself repairing often and / or it takes too long then this card is good to use. I just find there are other more useful cards in most situations.

Explosive Hijack

Enemies explode for 20% additional damage when Hijack ends (rank 1)

This card is a good quality of life improvement for Jack’s ultimate. As an example, if you hijack a Scion and your ultimate ends, normally they would continue moving and trying to kill your team without this card, but with this they just instantly die.

Mind Control Expert

Increase the health of Hijacked enemies by 90% (max rank)

If you find yourself getting killed too quickly in your ultimate then this card is an option. Personally I have never been close to dying with my ultimate nor use it enough to make this card worth using.

Epic Score Boost

10% increased team score in Horde (rank 1)

Same as regular Score Boost card.


Kills with a hijacked enemy extends the ability by 10% (rank 1)

This card is mainly for fun on lower difficulties / waves in my opinion. When using hijack most of the time you’d be using it on bosses / mini bosses or the occasional horde of regular enemies if you’re struggling, and for that one situation it would be useful.

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