Garden Galaxy – Useful Tips

Some small tips that might help.

Quick Tips

Small text guide with some tips you might’ve missed

Copper coins has a chance to give a plate that visitors will throw their coin at, this however has a limited range, if too far away from the plate the visitors will just throw the coin randomly nearby. But not onto a chest, or a max height thing, if nothing close fits that they’ll throw it very far to the closest free space.

Other things can be placed on top of the plate and will stop it from functioning, having multiple and they’ll just throw the coin at a random one of them.

Different coins have different values, a gold coin will have higher value in a piggy bank than a copper coin.

Gold coins can unlock a pedestal that increases the chance to get whatever you place on it, storage units can be placed on this if they’re empty, multiple of these do not seem to stack in any meaningful way, might be wrong about this but don’t think they do.

Piggy banks can be placed into storage, as long as they have no coins inside of them.

Changing size of things in the black kettle can be changed by putting and taking the thing out of storage.

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