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Since Gang Beasts is a fighting game, You will want to know how to fight. There are many players, but I have noticed over time certain play-styles, I will explain the moves of the different groups.

There are a few categories, which include:

Grab Punching

Grab Punchers are people that do exactly what the name says, grab and punch. Grab punching is a solid style of play that can get you many wins with seamless ease. The general goal of the grab puncher is to get a good one hand grab, and just punch with the other hand. Some moves include:

  1. Grab with one arm, punch with the other hand and headbutt repeatedly.
  2. Grab with one arm, lift, punch and headbutt repeatedly.
  3. Grab with both arms, lift, headbutt.
  4. Grab with both arms, lift, hold kick, headbutt repeatedly.


Flippers are people whose goal is to get a dropkick by flipping. They are similar to Divers in that their goal is the same, but their method to achieve this goal is different. This is a flashy way to play that will help you win many games. Some moves include:

  1. Grab, Hold Kick, Spam Jump
  2. Hold Kick, Hold Lift, Jump, Tap Headbutt, Hold Headbutt,
  3. Grab, Hold kick, Spam jump and Headbutt.
  4. Hold Kick, Tap Jump.


Sacraficers are people who take others lives at the cost of their own. These people are generally new people trying to find a way to play the game. If you have been knocked out multiple times, then I can understand why you would incorporate this tactic of going for a draw instead of a win, but this is not a good way to play if you desire to win. Their main move is:

  1. Grab, lift, headbutt, walk or run towards the edge in an attempt to take your opponents life at the cost of your own.


Divers use diving moves such as dropkicks and diving headbutts to get knockouts. This is a great approach to close gaps and start battles, but be careful, this style of play can be baited and then punished. some moves include:

  1. Run, Jump, Hold Headbutt.
  2. Jump, Tap Headbutt, Hold Headbutt.
  3. Run, Tap Headbutt, Hold Headbutt, Jump, Grab.
  4. Run, Jump, Hold Kick.
  5. Jump, hold kick, Grab, headbutt.
  6. Run, Hold headbutt, Let go of Headbutt, Hold headbutt, rinse and repeat.


Knowing how to throw people is important. You could get a million knockouts, but if you can’t can’t throw, The end result will be no different from a new player’s experience. To throw, you want to try to grab the back or the chest, the face and legs can work, but it’s very difficult to throw someone from their hands or arms.


To throw:

  1. Grab, Lift, Run to the Ledge, Let Go.

An improvement usually to this is to apply a headbutt to your throw, this will boost the person when you throw them.

  1. Grab, Lift, Let go, Headbutt.

Brick Throwing

To throw a brick on girders:

  1. Grab a brick, Spin your body while holding lift, Let go. If you did it right, the brick will fly off.

To throw far:

  1. Grab a brick, Hold lift and try to get the brick behind your head, when it’s going behind your head, stop lifting, then hold lift and let go. If you did it right, the brick can hit someone standing on the second floor of the map while you are on the first.


It’s very easy to fall in the game, and when you are on the side of the wall, knowing how to climb will boost your ability to win significantly. Climbing Is necessary for all maps. There are a few ways to climb a wall.

Regular Climbing

  1. Grab a wall, Hold Jump, Let go of one arm and re-grab, let go of the other arm and re-grab, let go of the first arm and re-grab, rinse and repeat.

When you reach the top, there are a few ways to get on the floor.

  1. While holding the wall, spam jump. This will cause you to jump onto the floor.
  2. While holding the wall, hold jump and headbutt. This will cause you to do a handstand, which you can use to get onto the floor.

Monkey Climbing

The other way to climb is known as monkey climbing. Monkey climbing has the benefit that you can climb without losing stamina, It allows you to climb stamina degenerating walls, such as the ones on chutes, grind, and train(black part of the train) and it’s also the fastest way to climb in the game. The main con to be aware of is that there is a chance you get knocked out doing this, especially when you are climbing irregular surfaces or if your head is about to hit a roof. To monkey climb:

  1. Grab a wall, Hold Kick, Hold Jump, Let go of every button, Grab a wall, rinse and repeat. You may have to mess around with how long you hold kick.

General Tips

These are tips that will help you on any map, in battle, and overall are useful.

  1. To run, hold jump.
  2. Grabbing someones head will cause their headbutt to do significantly less damage. If someone lifts you up and headbutts, this is a good tip to know to counter this.
  3. When you approach someone so that you can battle, approach in a strafing, sparratic, zig-zag like manner. This will make your movement less predictable and will bait out anyone going for a dropkick.
  4. When grabbing someone, aim to grab their back.
  5. You can fly with hats by grabbing a hat, lift, headbutt, This could be used to close the gap on someone who is running away from you or to jump large gaps. This is very situational, but can be used.
  6. At all cost, do not have your back grabbed. The back is the Gang Beast’s weakness. The victor is usually the one who has the opponents back.

Map Related Tips

These tips are more specific to certain maps:

  1. Take advantage of maps. Pull the floor, use a block, anything to win.
  2. On Aquarium, you can climb the corner of the kiddie pool to avoid being grabbed by the octopus, since that area is outside the range of it’s tentacles.
  3. On Billboard or Lighthouse, you can pull the floor when someone approaches you, if this tactic works, the player will fall into the hole and lose. This is especially good against divers. Keep in mind the same trick probably won’t work twice.
  4. On Train, you can swing a tiny rock to knock people out. On incinerator, you can use a barrel or throw a box. On Girders, you can swing and throw bricks. On wheel, you can swing the letters to knock people out.
  5. In Vents, while in the air, Hold kick and punch to move as quickly as possible. Also, when you are about to fall in vents, holding kick can allow you to avoid being knocked out by fall damage. Also, in vents, as you are falling, falling onto a player while holding kick runs the chance of drop-kicking the opponent. In Vents, you can use especially cameras and hats, but also people and platforms, to move quickly when in the air.
  6. On Train, when the train moves left, the character will go towards the right. When the train moves right, The character will go left.
  7. On Trucks, you can hold kick to lay on your back and avoid getting hit by a sign. Also, on Trucks, you can grab and lift someone, then run to the front of bus, and they will be taken by the sign while you are merely knocked out on the top of the truck, worst case scenario, you fall onto the street, but this would need you to be near the edge.
  8. You can monkey climb the pipes of Grind to live if you are thrown into the pink goo.
  9. On Girders, if someone is knocked out on a wooden plank, you can remove the plank and throw it away and the person will fall with it.
  10. On Gondola, Containers, and Elevators, it takes 3-4 headbutts, at best, to break a cable.
  11. On Gondola, you can pull up the floor on the side when someone is jumping to your Gondola and they will fall.
  12. On Towers, you can stand on the gray support if the floor collapses and there is no way up. Also, On Towers, to break the floor, touch the very bottom of the stairs.

Cosmetic Related Tips

Some cosmetics provide benefits, this will be patched soon, but for now, we can take advantage of this. These include:

Strong Headbutt

  • The Owl Hat
  • Naruto Hat (Also known as the goggles)
  • Walrus Hat

Stronger punches

  • White gloves
  • Boxing Gloves

Body Parts

  • Wings
  • Cape
  • Scuba Tank


Waves is a game mode where the goal is to beat as many waves as possible, there are 4 waves right now. Also, if a wave is beaten and you are dead, you will respawn.

  1. The most consistent way to deal with wave members is to grab their back and lift and headbutt.
  2. A lot of the information in fighting can be applied against the wave members.
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