Fungiman – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Need a pointer? Just want to %100 the spookiest game about being chased through a dark forest by a lovable fungus? Read up on this guide to see how to get all (At the time of writing) achievements!

How to Obtain All Achievements

Jumpscare Based Achievements

  • Note: These will be in the order I got them, you may get them in different orders.
  • Note 2: I got scared normally once before I got these mini-games.
  • Final note: I played remake first however I switched to classic half way through.


The UFO was a simple one, all you need to do is navigate a corn maze, keep walking forwards until you’re met with a UFO, you should see a tractor beam followed by a fungi friend being beamed up, I beat this by walking into the beam myself which put me in the main menu with my trophy.

One down, three to go.

Sorry, Occupied

The toilet was kind of weird, I don’t know how it worked fully to be honest, although I think looking away from the door and back had some effect, the way the fungus works is by following you while you’re not looking, I assume this follows the same principle although I could be wrong. Dying put me in the main menu with my trophy.

Two down, two to go.


One last one, for this one take a walk, follow the fungus along and when it comes time, drop out the window.

Spa Session

Welcome to the last achievement you gotta get scared for the last time, YAY!

You know? good job, for this one all you gotta do is lay back and relax under the sun, look around and take in the true beauty of the outside world.

Move to the next sector

Kicking the Grass…

Friendship (Beating Classic Mode!)

In order to befriend the fungiman and get then trophy, you must complete the game in classic mode, not too much to say other than I found this easier.

Friendship 2 + Heartless (Beating Re-make!)

To get both of these here’s what I did.


Objective: Walk over all the mushrooms at the re-makes map.

  1. Not touch any of the Objects/Cakes/Donuts.
  2. Go from one area to the next kicking out all the mushrooms while watching it.

Friendship 2

  • Beat the game’s remake…

But Wait, There’s More!

There is seemingly a final trophy, what is it? well I personally don’t have this one, however I think I found it.

One user by the name of “abcjmax1” had made a discussion which was a bug and an easter egg.

The trophy as seen should be able to be gotten like so:

  • Step 1: Get to the edge of the map.
  • Step 2: Walk backwards to the edge of the map while looking forward so funguiman doesn’t catch you.
  • Step 3: While walking backwards move to the side so that the character goes up the wall at the edge of the map.
  • Step 4: Explore and enjoy.

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