Frozen Flame – Creatures of Arkana

Creatures of Arkana

There are many creatures in the world of Arkana. Majority of them are aggressive and will attack players if they get too close, but will return to their territory if their target manages to escape. While not inherently hostile to each other (with some exceptions), creatures of different species will attack each other if one of them lands an attack on another. If defeated, all creatures reward players with Flame and sometimes with one or several items from their specific loot tables. They can be divided into 3 categories: Animals, Cursed and Constructs.


Floaters are docile floating creatures attracted to ancient structures and abandoned settlements, and as such can be easily found almost anywhere. They will not attack players, but will retaliate with ranged attacks if provoked. They don’t do much damage and don’t have much health, so don’t present much threat to a healthy player.

Slaying these innocent beings rewards players with 10 Flame, with a chance to receive a Blue Crystal.


Boars are the most common animals of Arkana, usually found either dwelling in the fields or ambushing unsuspecting players by burying under the ground. They appear twisted and corroded by the Curse of the Frozen Flame, and express extreme hostility to players, but don’t pay much attention to other creatures, unless attacked first.

When provoked, they would either perform a charging attack towards their offender, knocking them down and inflicting Bleed, or, if the target is close, deliver a flurry of attacks, inflicting Bleed on each of them. If their opponent is out of reach, they would burry under the ground and reappear later. While attacks of a single Boar can be easily avoided, Boars almost always wander in herds, and as such pose a great threat.

Hunting down a Boar rewards players with 30 Flame, with a chance to receive any of the following: Bones, Meat and Hides.

Pestilent Boars

These rare Boar specimen have adapted to some of the more poisonous areas of Arkana, absorbing the toxins and growing ever stronger and more dangerous. These power comes at a cost, though – these pestilent beasts live their lives as outcasts and a highly sought after by various blacksmiths, since the toxic crystals they produce provide a useful way to temper iron.

Fighting a Pestilent Boar is very similar to fighting regular ones – after all, they all share attack patterns. However Pestilent Boars are much stronger, and instead of worrying about multiple enemies, players will have to endure poisonous fumes of their habitats.

Putting them down rewards players with 110 Flame, with a chance to receive any of the following: Pungent Crystals, Pestilent Hides and Bones.


Peaceful, cute and docile at first glance, Rams are ferocious creatures, attacking any predators, cursed or adventurers on sight. They mainly inhabit pine woods of Arkana, keeping them safe from any corruption with their unbreakable fury and horns. They only have a singular ramming attack, but they will use it relentlessly, knocking down any unfortunate soul standing on their way. These creatures are so fearless and indiscriminate in their rage, that they will attack even mighty elementals and titans if provoced.

Hunting them down awards players with 80 Flame, with a chance to receive any of the following: Ram Hide, Meat and Ram Horns.


Once gracious winged felines, Manticores succumbed to the corrupting influence of the Frozen Flame, losing their wings and becoming ferotious land predators. They dwell among the dragons’ remains in the Cemetary of Dragons, attacking anyone who tresspasses their territory.

Manticores spot players from a very long distance, move very fast, and their ferrocious claw attacks can only be avoided with well-timed dodges. If player stays in the Cemetary of Dragons for far too long, they will be quickly overrun by these creatures.

Defeating a Manticore reward players with 200 Flame, with a chance to receive any of the following: Manticore Liver, Green Crystals, Bones and Hides.


A rare sight, these enormous insects spend their time under ground, waiting for prey to come to them. They seemingly absorb elements around them, enhancing their physique and making them stronger. This unique feature made them known as Elemental Beetles among adventurers, more common type of which is Fire Beetles. They possess sturdy chitin plating and sharp spikes, making them formidable opponents. In battle they will slash nearby foes with front legs, or close distance by rolling, using their spiked carapace to cut their foes as they roll over them. Sometimes they can also harness their elemental powers and make a ranged attack against farther targets.

Their power and rarity made it hard for adventurers to claim their rewards, yet their chitin carapce looks like a perfect material for a sturdy set of armor.

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