From The Rain – I’m Possible Mode

Your guide to beating From The Rain’s hardest challenge.


From The Rain’s is a fantastic horror game, and it’s Impossible Mode presents a tough challenge. This guide will hopefully help you beat Impossible Mode, using some neat tricks.

For sake of clarity, the window entity will be referred to as the Intruder, and the vent entity will be referred to as the Crawler.

Starting The Hour

There is one correction I’d like to make from Leepy115’s guide, and that is that the Crawler will not spawn in a closed vent (with the exception of the bedroom vent, which may be bugged).

Therefore, I recommend starting the hour by beelining to the bathroom vent and closing it. The kitchen and backdoor vents are fairly easy to check, so it’s best if the Crawler spawns in one of those three vents.

From there, just start scouting out the house and look for breakers. Breakers seem to have 2 to 4 spawns per room, and 1 to 2 spawns per hall. There can only be one breaker per room/hall, so keep that in mind.

Window Stalling

What is the worst case scenario, in Impossible Mode? The answer is: the Intruder and the Crawler both attacking at the same time.

The Intruder can put a lot of pressure on you if you don’t find it fast, and while the Crawler gives you some more leeway than the Intruder, a bit of bad luck can ruin your run. That’s where window stalling comes into play.

There can only ever be one Intruder at a time, so if it’s at a window, it won’t be able to spawn anywhere else until it’s driven off. Thus, the best play is to not fully drive off the Intruder – rather, wait for the Crawler to despawn and then spawn again, before then dealing with the Crawler.

By getting rid of the Intruder only after the Crawler has spawned, you give yourself much more time to try and find the Crawler. After that, it’s just some amount of luck – if the Crawler is in one of the last vents you check, then most likely the Intruder has reappeared and you’ll be pressed for time, but if the Crawler is in one of the first vents you check, you’ll have a good bit of time to progress.


This should be something fairly obvious, but just in case:

Patience Is Key.

The key to Impossible Mode is being slow and methodical. Trying to rush it will only get you killed. Always, always, ALWAYS play it safe. Slow and steady wins the race, and all that.

Lock Priorities

Once you’ve got the generator online, you just have to lock the windows and doors, and you’ll have won. But that isn’t yet.

Everything from before still holds true, but now there’s an additional factor: which locks to lock. The Intruder won’t spawn at locked windows/doors, so this is your opportunity to potentially turn the tables.

While window stalling (see above), you should spend some time charging the lock on whatever entrance you’re at. If you’re near other entrances that are high-priority, it might be a good idea to run over and charge that lock instead. Once you hear the Crawler leave, though, you should stay with the Intruder and be ready to get rid of them.

If you get a lucky Crawler spawn and have some free time, I highly recommend locking the doors and the inside window in the kitchen (near the sink). The doors can be difficult to see opening, and the kitchen window and back door are out of the way, which can cost you precious time to check. Getting rid of these entrances asap should be your priority, whenever possible.

After that, I’d recommend focusing on locking windows on one side of the building – preferably, the bedroom/bathroom side, as it has the lowest density of entrances. By eliminating those stray spawns, finding the Intruder will become significantly easier.

After that, just keep slowly and methodically locking the windows around the house until you’ve won.

Good Luck!

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