Friday the 13th: The Game – Knife Canceling Guide

Guide to Knife Canceling

What is the Knife cancel?

You see, when Jason picks up a Throwing knife from a wall or a tree, his hand reaches up to grab it. He then pulls it out of the object and puts it in his pocket.

But there is a way to speed up the whole process of picking up the knife and putting it into the pocket.

This works by Pressing E (the button to grab the knife) and a split second later MMB (the button to throw a knife).

When jason then reaches up you will still see the crosshair from the throwing knife.

You hold MMB util Jasons hand grabs the knife that´s stuck and then release MMB, you then immediately press RMB (the button to cancel a knife throw).

This will then stop the rest of the animation from happening so that you don´t have to wait another two seconds until the animation is over.

Yes this is cool and all, but that´s not the Best about this whole thing.

You can cancel almost everything with these inputs.

For example:

  • You want to open a door? Do the animation cancel and the door will be open immediately.
  • You wanna break a closet or a bed? Do the animation cancel and you don´t have to waste time.
  • You want to destroy a powerbox? You know the drill.

The same goes for killing someone in a tent, breaking the radio, breaking a window and much much more.

Have fun trying it out.

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