Freedom Fighters – How to Increase The Maximum Ammunition Reserve without Cheats

In this guide i will show you how without cheats you can carry more ammuniton to weapon. This method i discover myself when i was kid in times when i don’t had internet connetion, and thanks this i could almost all time play with my favourite weapon and don’t worry about ammuntion.

I for example, will increase the ammunition supply for assault rifle. Normally you can only have 150 bullets in reserve for this rifle. I will show you that you can have more.

Let’s Begin!

You have to exchange your weapon for any one you have in the base. After the prologue you already have a shotgun in the base.

While your weapon will be lying in the base you have to give it some time. During this time, try to go on one of the missions or do something about it (e.g. release prisoners or blow up a helicopter landpad, etc.) and return to the sewers.

When you return to base, change your weapon back to the one you left behind. The ammunition should increase. If not, restart the level. If still the situation has not changed, start any mission, run for a while and come back. Then the ammunition level will definitely increase.You can restart the level again to be sure.

This way you can have a lot of ammunition, but remember that the longer the weapons you left in the base, the more ammunition you will have in stock.

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