Forza Horizon 5 – Guide to Earn Credits and WheelsSpins (Fast and Easy)

Here’s a simple method for obtaining credits and vehicles.

How to Get Credits and Vehicles

How to Start!

Will need!

  • 80,000 credits.
  • 14 Mastery skills points.

Buy the Car from AutoShow!

Buy the Porsche Cayman GTS 2015 from Autoshow, it costs 80,000 credits!

  • Buy as many as you want, paint them in different colors!

Must Avoid Action House!

Do not buy at the auction house it will be there for 8,000 credits, normally this car will no longer be useful to do this method!

Select Car and Get In!

Once you have the car equipped, go to the car mastery option!

Car Mastery Upgrades!

Choose the lowest cost upgrades until reach wheelspin and super wheelspin!

  • Requires 14 Mastery Skills Points!
  • That way can earn credits or cars that can sell or keep them!

Clean Garage!

If you want!

Sell the car or send it as a gift or simply remove it from the garage if you want to repeat this process, for not to be confused with new cars!

Notes & Tips!

  • I usually do this by buying 5 cars at a time!
  • I hope this was reliable and helpful.

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